Late night tea is served. Megan and Josiah talk more about forgiveness. Andrea bumps into Megan and Remy and plans are made to hang out and jam. Megan starts learning how to Knife Fight from Betsy. The hole in her soul seems small and of little consequence on the surface. He tells them his dark secret and gets cool presents. Megan is suspicious of Morgana. Icream and swimming is had. She even joined Girl Scouts briefly as a child, granting her basic survival skills such as how to start a fire, how to cook and basic first aid. Megan is reunited with Morgana after the attack. Megan Gwynn is a Welsh teenager who attends the Xavier Institute for mutants. She was a bright young woman (with red hair at the time), and was often the apple of her father's eye. Probably helps her fly, or something. Without gremlins, super-villains, magical curses or even mutant-hating fanatics. Character from Secret Wars with ice powers. She wanted to learn more, to go with her mother, but her mother left Pixie to her new home with the X-Men. At the upper limit, her dust may last up to 10 to 15 minutes at a time (up to three poses), dependant on an individual's metabolic rate and ability to shake off hallucinogens much like with drugs. She is less skilled at this spell and it does not always work that well, but she is getting quite skilled (This is also highly consent based). It seemed like an easy trade, Megan got revenge and what she most desired and for a moment she considered it. Doug and Kitty use the Danger Room to make a video to replace a Friends of Humanity posted one, with Samuel Bean and Megan helping out. While chasing down a fairy, Megan meets Piper, who saves her from falling from a tree. A snowy miracle is interrupted by unexpected visitors. The X-Men save the day at a legal pot farm out West that's under siege by a Crimson Dynamo ripoff, a pair of villainous mutants and a bunch of guys with guns. Megan talks to Josiah about her fears, brings her back into the light. In uncanny x-men #500 It is revealed that pixie is a fan of Dazzler. Jeremy finds out about the fine art of wearing a kilt in true Scottish style! Likely it would be harder to shake off at higher altitudes. Studies and socialization in the library for two healers and a pixie in a bit of a time crunch for a term paper! A dark presence is detected. This spell can be exhausting and she can only teleport maybe 4 times per day before depleting her reserves. I want her to be better than she is. Megan meets the enigmatic Fantomex who turns out to be a thief. But you know how little towns are - word spreads quickly, and Megan was soon confined to spending days beneath her grandmother and father's protection, pulled from school to study the Bible, and only really allowed to go out at night. Metaforce ruins a construction site. Megan Gwyenn started as wallpaper. DR Session Flying through the air with the greatest of ease. Kurt in the kitchen with the silver spoon, Megan (Pixie) joins Kurt for some talk in the kitchen while the German mutant makes pepper cookies. Pixie and Illyana train in the danger room, but the program gets a bit out of control, and Illyana collapses. A night spent in the medbay to make sure Terry is OK. Megan is attacked by Mutant Scavengers, Fantomex comes to her rescue. During Bastion’s attack on Utopia, Magik was trapped in Limbo and the X-Men needed someone to lead a rescue. She also tends to hold lasting grudges such as her grudge against Illyana for the part she played in blackening her soul. Party time! She began a close relationship with Dazzler and Northstar as they explored their new home. Lyra sheds some light on the Wilder fairy war. Megs looks for faeries and bumps into an old acquaintance. Join Facebook to connect with Megan Gwynn and others you may know. (Her father, as she knew him, wasn't her real father - and she didn't really know her mother - but as it would turn out!! It may eventually become more powerful under the right tutelage. They appear delicate but are actually quite hardy and cannot be easily damaged without, say, an axe or hammer when used with great force. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. At most it may stun them or cause brief, moderate pain. He has acted under many memorable identities such as Ant-Man, Giant Man, Goliath, Yellowjacket, and the Wasp. Outside, Saturnine orders Pixie to get his sword. A protest against Sentinels turns bloody, The X-Men and Magneto will not be moved. Triage, Darkstar, and Pixie meet, but only one name is revealed, and that without hint of its true nature. Shawarma is enjoyed by all. Kitty is back. Hammerhead attempts a hostile takeover of the Dragons' business. Dust is one of the students at Xavier Institute and one of the New X-Men in training. Pixie squared off against the Malice-possessed Karima Shapandar and took quite a beating until she unleashed her soul dagger and stabbed the woman. The more curious she is, the more she wants. Megan and Gwendolyn 'borrow' the Danger Room for a quick flight on the beach! Fears are raised and confronted. Some Xavier students meet on the roof patio of Xavier's School - then more come, talking about flying, Christmas, small dragons, and the like. She can go through maybe two rounds of dusting before exhausting herself and will need to rest at least 20 min before she can generate more pixie dust. Megan meets a dog in the park...That turns out to be Andrea's brother! They got to meet Conner and talk about careers. Plans are made, and gummies devoured. =The stalls are cleaned for Dani and Brightwind's return home. After much build up, a protection spell is cast that makes Xavier's School seem like a normal human prep school to anyone spying/scanning from outside. Blurr's Terran friends help come to his rescue, only to run into Lockdown. Unfortunately, she failed to tell her until after the fact, that it had left a hole of sorts in her soul, which was filled with Dark Magic. And even if they were damaged, they would grow back, although this may take some time (up to a week or two if really badly damaged). Things get Frosty as Emma and Lorna spar verbally, with Megan, Vi and Blink listening on. She is also slowly teaching herself to play guitar but again is nowhere near professional level. Magic Zorro begins his crusade against the Freinds of Humanity with the aid of allies. Pixie is a fairy-winged mutant who can cause those exposed to her dust to experience hallucinations. Huzzah! She and Victor were fellow students and later teammates on the New X-Men. Yes, it was definitely conversation... And a beautiful sunrise. Megan's new powers are analyzed. She does not yet know this but perhaps one day they may come back to claim her or try to sway her to their evil ways. Skottie Young . In general, Pixie can sustain flight for up to 1 hour at a time before exhausting herself and having to rest at least 20 min before she can fly again. Pixie now had the potential to use dark magic, and she used it to fend off the demons. It is likely that the more she uses it the darker her soul will become as well. No amount of joy could fill the part of her soul that was missing. A Welsh mutant who looked like a fairy, with the bubbly personality to match. She is absolutely full of potential, but no one has really tapped into it in a satisfying way. Forged from a portion of her soul, the Soul Dagger is a mystical glowing dagger that can cause great damage to the supernatural. Megan, Conner, Jean, Scott, Logan, and Shannon arrive home after the mission to recover Megan's soul dagger. But things are getting easier with time and practice. Megan teleports into an awkward situation. At least, until she turned about sixteen or so. Megan tests out her new wings with help from fellow fliers. After the war with the Avengers, she made her way to the Jean Grey School where she eventually graduated. This is a relatively new skill and requires focus and a calm mind to summon. She seems to have quite the skill at this spell, however, if she is distracted/tired/upset, it can have disastrous results (This is highly consent based of course, when being used on another PC).

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