Hallelujah! MARY PATRICK: However, Frances explains that it's not her fault and that Paul would have wanted Terri to attend the program. Dig down deep inside MARY CECILIA/MARY EMERET/MARY JOSEPHAT/MARY WILIGIS: Terri Fletcher is a teenager with a passion for singing and dreams of becoming a professional singer. Sooner than it seems life turns around Gloria in excelsis Deo! MARY ROBERT/NUNS: Gloria in excelsis Deo Get the rafters ringin'! MARY PATRICK: Raise your strength Sooner than it seems life turns around Stand and share it! Riase your voice MARY PATRICK (Ow!) Raise some hell! Raise it to a higher plane! Stonewall Anniversary Prompts a … (Gloria in excelsis Deo) Riase your voice Hallelujah Canadian rock band Three Days Grace appeared in this movie as special guests, performing the songs "Are You Ready" and "Home". Three Days Grace also contributed the songs "Are You Ready" and "Home" to the film, the latter from their self-titled debut album. raise your voice From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English raise your voice raise your voice SHOUT to speak loudly or shout because you are angry He’s never raised his voice to me. Ladamus Te! Jay pushes Robin away, but Terri runs off in tears, ignoring Jay's insistence that the kiss meant nothing. Ladamus Te! raise definition: 1. to lift something to a higher position: 2. to cause something to increase or become bigger…. Don'tcha deny it Get right up and try it! Raise some heat! Sort: Relevant Newest. She wants to quit singing and not attend the music program. Gloria in excelsis Deo Something pulled me back Raise Your Voice. Benedicimus Te! Raise your voice! Simon believes that Terri will get hurt if she goes to Los Angeles and would prefer if she continues running the family business. (Raise is up!) Glorificamus Te! Don't downplay it - MARY CECILIA/MARY EMERET/MARY JOSEPHAT/MARY WILIGIS: Terri's teachers hope to see her next year; Simon replies that they just might. When I'm standing in the dark I'll still believe Raise Your Voice stars Hilary Duff. Now raise it up! Raise your game! Raise your voice! DELORIS Benedicimus Te! I could hear raised voices in the next room. MARY PATRICK/NUNS: Although Robin still harbors feelings for Jay, he does not reciprocate these feelings. Shining all the time and I won't be afraid Help the world rejoice! Hallelujah! Raise your voice! MARY PATRICK:' Raise your soul My facebook feed is flooded with the news of another precious life ripped from this world. MARY JOSEPHAT/MARY WILIGIS: Don'tcha hide it! ... Ah? (Yeah) MARY ROBERT: MARY CECILIA/MARY EMERET: Believe in yourself and you'll fly high Hallelujah! Raise Your Voice is a 2004 American teen musical drama film directed by Sean McNamara. AH! Aaahhhhh! MARY WILIGIS: The voice of reason I forgot I had, All I know is just you're not here to say Admoramus Te! BASS NUNS: Ladamus Te! Raise a cheer! Iesu Christe In Gloria Dei Patris! Hallelujah! And right now I belong Ladamus Te! Glorificamus Te! MARY LEZIN: Took this moment to my dreams, It doesn't matter what people say MARY ANTIOCH: We reach a broad audience interested in education, supporting young people, and especially, in hearing what today's youth have to say. Throughout the film, Terri develops a mutual fondness for Jay, but she faces competition from Robin Childers, who was involved with Jay the previous summer. Terri awakens in the hospital, where she learns that Paul was killed. MARY LAZARUS: Later, finding him drunk, Terri and her roommate Denise take Jay to the roof to sober up. That someone's watching over, someone's watching over Ladamus Te! Ultimately, realizing how selfish he had been acting, concedes and allows her to perform. Jay tries to get Robin to cease her efforts to keep him and Terri apart. Toss everything in - Blast it! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah! Raise it... Raise it... Raise it up! Over the end credits, Terri performs for her parents and Nina, with Jay cheering her on. Admoramus Te! © 2020 METROLYRICS, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Ah! [5], Raise Your Voice was nominated for an Artios Award for Outstanding Casting in Children's Programming Casting[6] and a Golden Reel Award for Best Sound Editing in a Feature Film - Music/Musical. Admoramus Te! When he does, Jay apologizes, and Terri agrees to finish the song they have been working on for the scholarship contest. Benedicimus Te! Benedicimus Te! Ladamus Te! Turn those speaker high! Ah! Someone's watching over me, Seen that ray of light MARY PATRICK/MARY ALBAN: Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah! Raise your voice! Raise some Cain! Canadian rock band Three Days Grace appeared in this movie as special guests, performing the songs "Are You Ready" and "Home". First rule of singin' - And turn that volume up loud! MARY LAZARUS: But it's written in the sky tonight, So I won't give up, no I won't break down ALTO NUNS: Someone's watching over me, someone's watching over me. Raise your game! DELORIS Raise your voice! MARY ROBERT: On one occasion, she kisses him just as Terri walks in. Admoramus Te! And it doesn't matter how long it takes Raise your voice! life, army, tank, soldier, military # life # army # tank # soldier # military. On the final day, Simon comes to the school and Terri finds him packing up her belongings; he reams Terri for disobeying and deceiving him, and for turning his own sister and wife against him. Admoramus Te! And it's shining on my destiny Raise Your Voice stars Hilary Duff Plot. And let that sucker burst through! Benedicimus Te! Why so quiet? Terri begged her father not to make same mistake like he did with Paul and make her run. Raise the stakes! Raise your heart Benedicimus Te! Sooner than it seems life turns around Terri Fletcher is a teenager with a passion for singing and dreams of becoming a professional singer. (Gloria in excelsis Deo) May 31, 2020. By the end of its run, Raise Your Voice grossed $10,411,980 domestically and $4,455,534 internationally, totaling $14,867,514 worldwide. MARY LAZARUS/NUNS: Raise your voice! Raise your voice! Terri tells her mother, Frances, that if she hadn't convinced Paul to sneak out to the concert he'd still be alive.

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