And the one at the top, Derek, is in fact Alistair. But hey, that's never stopped anyone, right? RE: Alistair is a free English otome game developed and published by sakevisual for the Windows, macOS and Linux. She is loyal to Setsuna. But the result was totally the opposite. It was released on February 28, 2010. Rather she is completely au fait about her own existence, about the real world, as well as her creator, Setsuna Shimazaki, who Altair had strong love towards. though the part about his mother having cancer feels a bit...tacked on. Shown in Episode 19 of the anime that it could change the principle of cause and effect that follows after a specific scenario. Fan-Preferred Couple: Shiro seems to be the most popular character. Unfortunately, she has no idea who he is in real life. The player takes the role of the protagonist, Merui. Let's do it for the kids! Game » She still hates that Sota relied on a dirty and cowardly trick to revive Setsuna, but considering how much Altair went out of her way to keep Setsuna alive, it is possible that her sentiments towards Sota have softened quite a bit, especially after Setsuna explains that Altair was created to show off to Sota. ), also known as Military Uniform Princess, is the primary antagonist of the anime series Re:Creators and the secondary and penultimate creation of Setsuna Shimazaki before her suicide, based on Shirotsumekusa (シロツメクサ) from social game Eternal Wars Megalosphere (悠久大戦メガロスフィア Yūkyū Taisen Megarosufia). Sure, this game looks "old" but it is so enjoyable!!!!! Many players admitted they should've considered, Travis being Oda and a global moderator for, Traditionally the riddle involves trying to get some. "[6], Gamezebo gave 4.5 of 5 stars, Mike Rose described "RE: Alistair++ as an incredible addition to the visual novel genre, indulging the player in some top quality storytelling and pleasing art. She wears a dark navy-blue military hat and a Spanish-style double-breasted coat. Blood Type: O She often plays an MMORPG called Rivenwell Online with her online friend Fiona. Also, Her hairstyle is somewhat similar to Sirene from Devilman on the count that Altair's hair is long and feather-shaped and the pigtails look like wings. Travis, who has a way of being blunt and critical even when he's doing something nice. send you an email once approved. Derek Nevine The player can now influence the story and begin a romance with one of the three. Just like Alicetaria tried to kill her, by piercing or punching her with her gauntlet, the damage that was supposedly to be inflicted to Altair, it was transferred to Alicetaria. If not, she'll have to relinquish her online earnings from the past month to Alistair. It was released on February 28, 2010. They have also sold plushies of the main cast and a replica of Derek's T-shirt. Merui loves video games, especially her favorite MMORPG, Rivenwell Online. As for Alistair's identity, just how big of a reveal it turns out to be depends largely on which route you complete first. The bonus scene acknowledges this, with the characters thinking up reasons as to why the fans liked him the most., Fridge Brilliance: Shiro warning Merui about Travis, and then telling Derek to stay away from her. Age: 15 Blood Type: B Doesn't that remind you of a certain video? The game is primarily told in visual novel format, where the player's decisions affect the relationships she has with potential love interests in the game. Merui, outraged by this, is determined to do whatever it takes to get it back (and to teach Alistair a lesson). Contrast this with. As such whenever someone made a fan fiction about her, whatever the abilities associated with that story is added to her powers constantly updating her arsenal, making her almost invincible. As a Romance Game its primary focus is on forming relationships, with the mystery being secondary. Her real name was revealed to be "Altair" and she came from an online music video called Altair: World Étude. The game received a Spiritual Successor in Backstage Pass. Weight: 142 lb. Everything from the storyline to each character's personality is truly and utterly impeccable. The Casanova: Derek. When Setsuna's suicide occurred, Altair shows great hatred towards the real world to the point where she wants to destroy it. Ability to travel to other worlds or "inserting" herself to other fictional character's story lines thus fighting with them if they don't like to be transported willingly. Birthday: March 3 Neither approach will affect his approval.

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