Kokh DB, Kaufmann T, Kister B, Wade RC (2019). More locally, I work with stakeholders and communities to help deliver impact from research. I Mapping the Rotamers of Residue 188 of Viral Protein 1, Binding of an Antiviral Agent to a Sensitive and a Resistant Human Rhinovirus. Here, we quantify the monomer/dimer equilibrium of Arf within the membrane and show that after membrane scission, Arf dimers are restricted to donor membranes. Stank A, Kokh DB, Fuller JC, Wade RC (2016). Drugs currently in use against Leishmania and Trypanosoma infections have limitations in terms of efficacy, toxicity and resistance. Ozboyaci M, Kokh DB, Corni S, Wade RC (2016). Wird verwendet, um Instagram-Inhalte zu entsperren. Mereghetti P, Kokh D, McCammon JA, Wade RC (2011). Show cookie information For a detailed legend see the top sheet. We i... Local quality estimate by QMEAN score mapped to the protein structures of hCPSF73 (template) and the homology models of TbCPSF3 and PfCPSF3. A total of £16,250,000.00 in funding requested, translating to £4,900,500.00 in successful funding (31% of total requested) and bringing £750,000.00 to Abertay. Some (but not all) examples of peri-nuclear granule patterns are indicated by arrows. It is therefore mandatory to identify alternative molecular targets to be specifically inhibited. Only the conserved region is shown. Feldman-Salit A, Wirtz M, Hell R, Wade RC (2009). Statistics Cookies collect information anonymously. Tomić A, Berynskyy M, Wade RC, Tomić S (2015). This unusual gliding motility is based on retrograde flow of membrane proteins and highly dynamic actin filaments that provide short tracks for a myosin motor. Wird verwendet, um Vimeo-Inhalte zu entsperren. Rebecca Wade Creative. Chroman-4-One Derivatives Targeting Pteridine Reductase 1 and Showing Anti-Parasitic Activity. Given the dearth of knowledge about DA-resistant T. vivax, in particular, this would still constitute a significant hurdle at the moment. (PDF). Pisabarro MT, Ortiz AR, Palomer A, Cabre F, Garcia L, Wade RC, Gago F, Mauleon D, Carganico G (1994). We have therefore developed two statistical models, a logistic regression model (TRAPP-LR) and a convolu... [This corrects the article DOI: 10.1186/2046-1682-7-4.]. The NCPs are connected by linker DNAs that typically range from 10 to 90 base pairs to form a nucleosomal array [3]. Wade RC, Motiejunas D, Schleinkofer K, Sudarko PJW, Banerjee A, Kariakin A, Jung C (2005). Rebecca Wade studied at the University of Oxford (B.A. Subramanian SR, Singam ERA, Berinski M, Subramanian V, Wade RC (2016).

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