All joking aside, this is really good advice. They can use terms like neutral, undecided, confused, doubtful, or mixed. White hat thinkers focus on the information available. “It’s critical to us that we can have a say in product development.”, “We must insist that those procedures are followed. Wearing the red hat means you are looking at the problem using your emotion, gut reaction, and intuition. De Bono's Six Thinking Hats is a powerful technique for looking at decision making from different points of view. What is your Red Hat thinking about this article? Within the Red Hat, you don’t have to justify anything. This is probably why blue hats are compared to movie directors (or project managers!) Although the red hat goes by this powerful emotion, you have to be careful to keep a certain amount of control over the red hat mentality. The Six Thinking Hats is essentially a decision-making tool that you can add to your arsenal. Not The Usual Article About Getting Out Of Your Own Head, The Spotlight Effect: Why No One Else Remembers What You Did, Five Key Principles of Human Nature That You Can Use to Become More Persuasive. Remember to put your brain in gear before you engage your mouth. A powerful way to use the Red Hat is to let people access their feelings with new points of view. Definition: Six Thinking Hats is an ideation, discussion, lateral thinking and parallel thinking model that can be used for exploring different perspectives towards a complex situation or challenge. If so, stand up and wave your hand because I think we work at the same place! Emotions are also able to give us a sense of how specific scenarios might play out in the future. For example, when green hat thinking takes place, the blue hat makes sure that no negative (black hat) or emotional (red hat) perspectives creep in. But it lacks task planning & management features. Keep track of tasks, teams and projects with Toggl Plan's timeline and Once emotions have surfaced, we can work with them. })(window,document,'script','dataLayer','GTM-5MV57NN'); The Six Thinking Hats is a concept developed by Edward de Bono, in the book with the same name. All content published on this website is intended for informational purposes only. say things that they don’t have to validate. All emoji pictures here has a text label that explains it's exact meaning to avoid ambiguity and possible confusion when typing and reading messages with emoji symbols and smileys on Facebook, Twitter and messaging applications. But it is true that Mr. de Bono founded the concept of lateral thinking and wrote a book called Six Thinking Hats, which unveiled a problem-solving model consisting of six mindsets. Best to give them a clear outlet and label them as such. Are we therefore free to have and to hold any prejudices we like? Below is a general overview of the different roles, purpose, and goals behind each hat. Every decision must be emotional in the end. The six thinking hats, categorized by color, are important when used alone or together. By now, you’re probably wondering how to use the six thinking hats in a meeting context. Learning Mind is a blog created by Anna LeMind, B.A., with the purpose to give you food for thought and solutions for understanding yourself and living a more meaningful life. The red hat legitimizes emotions and feelings as an important part of thinking. It is important that what the red hat is being applied to is made very clear. Without it, you may miss some of life’s most extraordinary and unlikely solutions. However, we can soften the statement as follows: “With my Red Hat, I can sense that my opposition is in part based on jealousy.”, “I am going to take cover under my Red Hat and say that I am opposed to Anne’s promotion. They end up doing so anyway, but we disguise them as logic. While you have the red thinking hat, your primary goal is to intuitively suggest proposals and plans of action based on feelings and hunches. White hats are great at the beginning of a session because they approach from an informed perspective. The very need to “put on” the red hat reduces the amount of bickering. Good luck and good thinking! At first, the hat feels artificial. They ask questions like: Green hats aren’t intimidated by rules, traditions, or limitations. A big part of solving problems is intuitively examining it and any potential solutions. They can introduce any of a long list of mental biases. But after all the facts (White Hat), chances (Yellow Hat) and dangers (Black Hat) have been pointed out, maybe some feelings will shift. The white hat represents just the facts in any given situation. I hope this has enlightened you a bit and allowed you to see just how important each of the six thinking hats are in the decision-making process. They ask themselves questions like: The blue hat manages the thinking process during group sessions, allowing for greater harmony between the thought patterns of the other thinking hats. The green hat is responsible for thinking of creative solutions to a problem. j=d.createElement(s),dl=l!='dataLayer'? You can often reach a successful solution or outcome from a rational, positive viewpoint, but it can also pay to consider a problem from other angles. Jason the photographer left his camera in the Uber and no one at the company has returned his texts yet. -  Designed by Store, Corporate They help us make sense of a situation very quickly. While the patients still have normal attention, memory, learning and language capabilities, they perform significantly worse in every-day decision-making. Acknowledging feelings as feelings is better than keeping them as supposed logic. The blue hat is  for managing the thinking process. 6TH can be used individually, but typically it is a group process. As such, they are critical to our decision-making process. Red Hat is a leading software company in the business of assembling open source components for the Linux operating system and related programs into a distribution package … Usually, emotions can take a while to build up and to simmer down. Defining processes and objectives that drive the thinking process forward, Collating all the ideas, opinions, and information presented by the other thinking hats, Structuring an action plan for solving the problem. If you have to put on the red hat every time something mildly insults you, you might stop bothering to respond and thus keep the unproductive back-and-forth to a minimum. Similarly, if you're very cautious or have a risk-averse outlook, you might not focus on opportunities that could open up. Not only theirs but others who may be affected by a solution or outcome. Newsletter Sign This hat is utilized when an emotional way of thinking is present. With this background and personal experience, she strives to help others overcome trauma and abuse, cope with mental illness, and heal over time. Can be used both to cover strong emotions such as fear and jealousy but also to cover more subtle hunches and intuitions. How do we treat intuitions and hunches? This is one of the many reasons why the red hat is metaphorically referred to as ‘the heart’ of the discussion. Opinions may be expressed under red, black or yellow hats. This hat governs all creative thoughts that could help you alter, fix or accept the given issues. You can read his articles, watch his YouTube Videos or join his free newsletter to learn how to make better decisions. After defining the problem, they manage the flow, adoption, and implementation of ideas by: Example: As a project manager, I wear this hat more than any other. new Date().getTime(),event:'gtm.js'});var f=d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0], Example: As red hats, everyone on the team rates solutions from an emotional perspective: ours and the client’s. PMOs increase successful projects by 38% because they provide a predictable, repeatable way of getting projects across the finish line. I feel like we are being bullied into an agreement we don’t want.”, “Please stop using the Red Hat now for the next 20 minutes.”. But artificiality is its key strength: Switch in and out of the emotion mode. Home | Contact | © 2012 Michelle Ranae Wild. One strength of working with the Six Thinking Hats is that introduces a certain playfulness. How can the request for additional budget money cause problems? You want to be in an antechamber, waiting to be called in whenever it suits you.”, Putting forward feelings about an upcoming decision. We can dress casually after 5:00 p.m.- maybe in pajamas? A range of GUIs are possible with Red Hat Enterprise Linux, from the rudimentary Tab Window Manager to the highly developed and interactive GNOME desktop environment that most Red Hat Enterprise Linux users are familiar with. De Bono, E. (1985). join the Mind Tools Club and really supercharge your career! Whenever a meeting is called, I spend time beforehand defining the problem (the client has changed their mind about the website color scheme midway through the timeline) and identifying the desired outcome (either a deadline extension or client approval to increase the budget so we can get the extra staff needed to finish on time). There’s no development in the thinking process itself, only information sharing. Pointing out feelings towards others’ motivations. Red hat thinking is all about emotions and feelings and the non-rational aspects of thinking. The Red Hat is used again and everyone now agrees to go ahead with the decision. There is a means for asking them directly. They can be very, very valuable. This creativity is needed in order to see things outside the box. The economy is doing well, and the vacant office spaces in their city are being snapped up. It’s just a feeling that I have.”. But for each proposed interventions, there was a majority opposed to it. The white hat looks at information readily available, and then dissects and mines to see what solutions are available. Resist the temptation to justify emotions. Views expressed under the red hat are less personal than views expressed without it, because it is recognized as being a formal idiom. It can also help you to avoid possible pitfalls before you have committed to a decision. The red color stands for fire and emotions. Example: When my team is in white-hat mode, we only discuss and share the facts and information about the problem. Thanks for this presentation. It is ultimately designed to facilitate decision making in a group but can be adopted into making an individual decision.

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