As if things couldn’t get any worse, a social media post in episode Nosedive from Callow reads: “Just got thrown out of the zoo again :(”, Was Callow still Prime Minister when it happened? Can’t get to the shops? My partner had said it was one of the best TV events she’d ever seen, so it got a thumbs up from her.”. “We’d had a car journey together eating sandwiches from Cardiff to Pembrokeshire so I knew her. Often dismissed as a demagogue, Hunt seems to be viewed with a level of suspicion by Leigh. He’s being cagey. And what on earth did he do? After leading his country through several national crises, it looks like Callow enjoyed some time in the tent with Paul and Prue. I wonder what exactly was going through his mind when the crucial scene was filmed. That sounds like a fairly long shoot for you, does this mean that we see a bit more of Tanner this time around? “In terms of pronouncing on the state of current politics,” he says, “I think there’s enough in the media spoken about that without me prancing in.”, He’s plainly brilliant in Peterloo, in which he plays the radical reformer Henry Hunt, a landowner and champion of the working class, renowned for his powerful and moving oratory. “He doesn’t believe there was any other choice than calling the referendum,” Kinnear says. “Obviously a new director has come on board. Ah, Macbeth. Had you seen Charlie Brooker’s Dead Set series? Do you think people make pig jokes to Rory Kinnear in person? “It was a strange side of one’s life – you could probably ask Richard Madden how he’s feeling at the moment.”, I ask him if he thinks looks are more important in casting now than they used to be. This is a new world. When that script is finalised, then they’ll let me know.” But he would like to be? “Yeah, it wasn’t trying to be any Prime Minister that you necessarily recognise. How’s that going so far? He was also in Richard II, so it was a reconvening of old friends!”. Kinnear will also be helping to overturn the established order in Channel 4’s drama about the 2016 EU Referendum, snappily titled Brexit, when it airs early next year. So why is Callow trending too? How did Kinnear feel about this reversal of fortune? Kinnear has a personal connection to Lancashire. I knew it was distinctive and I knew it wasn’t traditional and I thought it told the story very clearly … I’d be more worried if I was in something that I didn’t believe in and was having to keep doing for the next few months.”. Are you a fan of those shows? “Well you say that …” he laughs. Written by Here’s what the PM has been up to in recent years…. Kinnear, who was privately educated, also studied at Oxford. “Yeah, they’re great films to be involved with.” Is he looking forward to working with the current favourite to succeed Daniel Craig, Bodyguard’s Richard Madden? As hinted at the end of The National Anthem, Callow’s relationship with wife Jane never recovers. “It’s a great privilege, even more so to be able to show my children, as they never met.” (He and his partner, actress Pandora Colin, have a son, Riley, who’s seven, and a daughter, Hope, four. “There’s no point giving yourself over to the mercy of critics, and saying whatever you write will be the truth,” he says. “There’s seemingly no end to Charlie’s imagination so yeah, if he’s got the time and energy and enthusiasm to see more episodes being committed to paper then I’m sure they’d be made.”. Let us know below…, Tags: Black Mirror, Charlie Brooker, James Bond, Rory Kinnear, Skyfall, The Mystery of Edwin Drood, The Twilight Zone, All rights reserved | Site built by amillionmonkeys, The Paternoster Gang: Heritage 4 audio review, UFO: Watch Gerry Anderson's classic show for free on Forces TV, Gentleman Jack series two has started filming, Netflix Direct a new linear service is being tested in France, The Amazing Maurice is coming to Sky Cinema in 2022, Big Finish reveals 2021 plans for Torchwood including a special release, Stranger Things executive producer finds the silver lining in lockdown, People of Earth - Star Trek: Discovery S3, Ep 3 review. By the end you should be run ragged by it!”. “The main thing I remember was thinking about the wonderful diversity that acting can afford you. You can unsubscribe at any time. I tend not to put my money on any of it,” he says, “because they always tend to surprise you when they do cast. In fact, judging by an Easter egg in season five episode Smithereens, Callow stayed in power for many years after pig-gate. [CDATA[ However, at this point it transpires that Chancellor of the Exchequer Tom Pickering is most at risk, his the most (un)popular name connected to the #DeathTo hashtag. By entering your details, you are agreeing to Radio Times privacy policy. Already have an account with us? Lockdown II: 10 films to get you through the sequel nobody wanted, Mank, review: David Fincher’s beguiling masterwork is worthy of Orson Welles, The original binge-watcher: why Marion Stokes spent 33 years glued to her TV, Luxor, review: Andrea Riseborough fails to wake the pharaohs, About Endlessness review: sad, sweet and altogether sublime, John Sessions, actor and comedian, dies aged 67, UK box office report, Oct 30–Nov 1: Hallowe’en scares Boris Johnson, but not British cinemagoers, Composer Ludwig Göransson on putting Puccini in The Mandalorian and the future of Black Panther, Coronavirus, JK Rowling, and Johnny Depp: how Fantastic Beasts 3 became Hollywood's most toxic movie. (A decade ago, he couldn’t avoid the question.) And we can guess Callow isn’t too unpopular, either. News, photos, videos and full episode guide, Black Mirror’s pig-gate Prime Minister Michael Callow keeps showing up in obscure Easter eggs, Black Mirror season five’s best Easter eggs: how every series is connected in one shared universe, Everything you need to know about Black Mirror season 5, Meet the cast of Black Mirror season five, James Bond No Time to Die full cast – new and returning characters list, Black Mirror season five’s Easter eggs show how every series is connected in one shared universe, Charlie Brooker reacts to Black Mirror season 5’s biggest plot hole. “I recently bought a laptop and that’s about as exciting as it gets! Order a copy of the magical Christmas edition and calendar direct to your door. Obviously I’d read about Gordon Brown’s temperament… Equally, when you see him with the public there’s that easy-going charm and ease with them that Tony Blair had. He did try out for one about 10 years ago. CultBox caught up with Rory to find out more…. “I don’t know, the Tanner of Quantum of Solace wasn’t really the Tanner of the books, so I guess it’s a new kind of role. You might think a sitting prime minister is prime picking for the #DeathTo bees, but people are instead taking their anger out on the Chancellor. Does he think there should be a female Bond? Amazingly, it transpired the PM did pretty well out of the ordeal, his approval rating soaring thanks to public sympathy. Were there any character traits that you took from previous Prime Ministers? Rory Kinnear stars in the first episode of Charlie Brooker’s Black Mirror, a new three-part Channel 4 mini-series of suspenseful, satirical stand-alone dramas with a techno-paranoia bent. His grandfather played rugby for Wigan, where some of the protesters came from, and his father, the much-loved comic actor Roy Kinnear, who died when Rory was 12 after an accident while filming in Spain, was born in the town. Played by Rory Kinnear in The National Anthem, the first ever episode of Charlie Brooker’s dystopian anthology series, he’s the Prime Minister blackmailed into having sexual intercourse with a farmyard animal on live tv. I knew Patrick Kennedy who plays the Head of Security and Tom Goodman-Hill who plays the Andy Coulson or Alistair Campbell type figure. Since Smithereens takes place in 2018 – and The National Anthem was set during the show’s original transmission data (2011) – Callow has been in Number 10 for at least seven years since the #baeofpigs incident (which we’re assuming is only slightly more scarring than having to negotiate Brexit). The night before I’d been in black tie on the Royal Albert Hall stage delivering speeches from Henry V with the music of William Walton playing behind me, and the next morning I was on a concrete floor in St Albans watching Marge the pig skittering around on her trotters.”, The episode appeared before rumours surfaced linking David Cameron to an obscene initiation ritual involving a pig’s head while at Oxford University, which the then prime minister denied. Is he glad that he doesn’t get asked if he’s going to be the next Doctor Who any more? About to star in Mike Leigh’s ‘Peterloo’, Rory Kinnear talks to Chris Harvey about Bond, his late father and acting in the very first episode of 'Black Mirror' - opposite a pig. “I might be one of the few who’ve read the full two and a half thousand pages of his memoirs, which he wrote in Ilchester Gaol after the Peterloo Massacre, and I can understand why it’s not still top of the bestsellers list.”. “For all of his bombast and pomposity, what Hunt stood for and what he fought for were entirely worthy,” says Kinnear. The whole shoot was only ten days. Sign in to manage your newsletter preferences. “But none of it was modeled on anyone particularly, it was an idea about how anyone becomes Prime Minister so I just thought how I would do it.”. “No, I’m absent from both Twitter and Facebook actually and I don’t feel any loss. This is a new world. Do you think Black Mirror could return as an ongoing anthology show? ), “I remember the first time my son watched Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. brightcove.createExperiences(); Can you tell us a bit about your character, Prime Minister Michael Callow, in The National Anthem? The National Anthem was the first Black Mirror’s episode, but the statement was just clear: Be careful to your behavior.

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