Subscribe to receive our weekly newsletter featuring the latest and greatest Agrilinks content. Share your questions. Sign up for free to manage your favourite content on your own user page. About Open Menu Close Menu. Furthermore, a growing human population (now over 7.8 billion people) is stressing the world’s food system with soil depletion and erosion, exacerbated by climate risks and drought. He will participate in an event to highlight three recently announced activities under the White House-led Women's Global Development and Prosperity Initiative. Although our recommendations are directed toward conservation practitioners, they are applicable to the work of practitioners across all sectors at USAID. Sara Carlson AAAS Science and Technology Policy Fellow at U.S. Agency for International Development Washington D.C. Metro Area 17 connections People are less likely to be affected by conflict or disaster. Sign up here. Partnership through this program occurs at 1:1 leverage, which means that for every dollar USAID invests in HEARTH activities, private sector partners will co-invest the equivalent value in cash or kind. Below we reflect on and interpret the five recommendations from the paper. Project implementation offers opportunities for learning that can improve global practice and scientific knowledge. Unfortunately, due to overfishing, over-sedimentation, water pollution, and use of non-selective fishing gear, both fish populations and their ecosystems are crashing, threatening the otters with extinction and people with poverty and food insecurity. This means investing in practices like regenerative agriculture, agroforestry, and greening up value chains in a way that can bring sustainable development to our world’s most threatened landscapes and the communities that depend on them. Today, with cross-sectoral investments in conservation, education (including a Master’s Degree Program to “train the next generation of Gorongosa’s protectors”), health, sustainable tourism, and, using sustainable agricultural practices, the planting of over 100,000 coffee trees that now earn income for the community, the people are flourishing and animal populations are recovering. May 22 is International Day for Biological Diversity. USAID Learning Lab hosts a number of resources and examples that showcase how CLA has been used in practice. Synthesizing and disseminating critically important research themes and questions can be an efficient way for practitioners to communicate their needs with the research community (e.g., USAID’s, Biodiversity and Development Research Agenda, ) and open avenues to new partnerships with researchers. "An irresistible collection of tunes that wash over the mind like a cool breeze, her songs are like mini-movies, richly detailed and empathetic," reads the review, written by Larry Flick.  -, COVID-19 stresses the need to transform Africa’s water, sanitation and hygiene services sector (By Osward M. Chanda)

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