We may as well keep our options open. There are five main ways to increase your role’s power: You can level up your roles using EXP potions. The game play is challenging (can't be cleared with just auto alone). The Starsoul feature is similar to the job advancement feature similar to most MMOs out there. One event, in particular, is the Hatsune Miku event where you have to complete 7 days worth of quests and if you complete everything, you will get an SSR Hatsune Miku for free. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Archived. hot. - there's a different currency for costumes that you win by doing quests and missions, you can buy parts of the costumes or all the costume, after you have all the pieces of a specific costume you unlock the illustration, you can mix the costumes the way you like, never saw that in other game. A guild has five features: If you log in every day, you will receive daily rewards for each day such as Gold, diamonds, materials and also summoning scrolls. With many characters to choose from, there is strategy required for the best combinations! You can level up the active skills to increase their Skill effectiveness so I would strongly suggest to level up as soon as your role reaches a certain level since the cost to level up a skill is very cheap. When the role Favor level reaches level 5, role titles are unlocked which gives huge bonus stats to your role. I'm not too sure how often they give out the items for you to gain their favor but so far I have two characters that are already at lvl 2. A bit sad too since I love the graphics/animation in the story. The community is growing with 2 new servers up within these few days and I think roughly 3 (?) You can use attire tickets to buy either an individual attire or a set attire for that role. Each EXP potion has its own rarity from R1 to R4 with R4 giving the most EXP to a role. new SSR champs were introduced since I started. Here are some tips and tricks on how to progress further into the game, increasing your team’s power and leveling your characters fast in the game. (Coming from King's Raid, I wept in joy) all you have to do is farm the necessary items to upgrade the gear your characters already have. The level of your characters depend on your team level. Be excellent and respectful to each other. The game isn't perfect sadly and here's some things I dislike. No global version for now. People may say it is p2w but honestly, with the meta revolving around some of the farmable heroes it is really hard to say that. Log in sign up. Its not p2w. About Game ShinNaZuki. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Can't find anything on playstore. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. I’m guessing that’s local time and they are in maintenance. ShinNaZuki is an RPG that takes you on an adventure through multiple worlds. You can get EXP potions very easily usually from the story exploration stages and EXP Materials under Trials. Just sayin. I think that's about it. ShinNaZuki Tips & Tricks for Dummies. Is there an English version? u/BravelyThrowingAway. User account menu. Each role has two types of gear, one for attack and the other one for defense. Attire tickets usually can be obtained by buying store packs using real money or through the honor store. You can see the full description of the skill by just tapping the skill. The two passive skills can be unlocked both level 13 and level 26 respectively. It feels like this sub has stagnated entirely in anticipation of the next big 2 ..epic 7 and dragalia... Theres no guarantee either are gonna be good. Here are some things I absolutely love about the game (this is based on the few hours I played it): The graphics are beautiful. ShinNaZuki Tips & Tricks for Dummies . You can also enhance stones by using unused stones as materials to increase their level. You will need honor medals to purchase those. It’s annoying because the note in game says September 8, so either a typo or mistranslation. I thought I could just go through it with auto but there are some mechanics involved that would need for you to think a bit (protecting the NPC, damage from behind does double damage, Boss can kick you off the map and you die). This game has a lot of events which you can complete to obtain special rewards like obtaining an SR after a few daily logins for free which is pretty neat. All servers will be closed, and login will no longer be possible. I recommend doing most of the activeness quests to gain 100 vitality points to unlock the final reward chest which contains diamonds, role Soulstones and even summoning scrolls. There is one particular material which is called Bondage which can only be obtained from the honor store. Roles . Another thing for you to take note is that if your role attacks an enemy from behind, you will deal bonus damage to an enemy so make sure you position your roles well to ensure your roles stay alive. Attacking an enemy which is weak to your type of job will deal 30% more damage than usual and attacking an enemy which is strong to your type of job will deal 30% less damage than usual. r/shinnazuki. 11 months ago. You can check the JP website and Twitter for information. - You can Date/know each character, You Gift Females and reward Males, each character have it's onw story and diary where you unlock things like character shards and diamonds.

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