Working as a sous chef is a tiring job, involving standing for long periods of time in a hot, humid environment. Le tout en exerçant un rôle de leadership, notamment du point de vue de la motivation, à l'égard du personnel moins expérimenté de la brigade de cuisine. Sous chefs are also employed by companies specializing in banqueting services to look after buffets and catering at events. Taking care of the kitchen in the absence of the head chef. Ses fonctions sont très variées : il travaille aux fourneaux, à la création du menu, à l'organisation et à la gestion de la cuisine. Vous pouvez annuler les alertes emails quand vous le souhaitez. Most good restaurants and hotels that tend to actually employ people with the sous chef job description are open almost non-stop. Lorsque c'est nécessaire, le sous-chef remplace le chef ou les chefs de partie : il doit donc être en mesure d'exécuter toutes les fonctions du chef de cuisine en son absence et de garantir que la cuisine fonctionne sans accrocs. While the sous chef job description in hotel, for example, may be different than the sous chef job description in restaurant, both have pretty much the same responsibilities. Il s'occupe également de la formation du personnel junior de la cuisine, et dans certains cas il peut intervenir dans la sélection de nouveaux membres de l'équipe. The two big job paths a sous chef can take are to either become a head chef or an executive chef. With millions of people searching for jobs on Indeed each month, a great job description can help you attract the most qualified candidates to your open position. The most important requirement in becoming a sous chef, whether a jr sous chef or someone with the executive chef job description, is the experience. Filed Under: Hospitality Job Descriptions, Perhaps you’re a hiring manager who needs to hire a new employee and need to write a quality assurance job description. De plus, le sous-chef s'occupe d'améliorer et de proposer de nouveaux plats, en faisant appel à sa créativité culinaire pour concevoir des mets au goût raffiné et attirants du point de vue esthétique. While the sous chef job description in hotel, for example, may be different than the sous chef job description in restaurant, both have pretty much the same responsibilities. They take an active role in food preparation and assist other chefs with their work, particularly during peak service hours. A sous chef must possess a near-perfect hand-eye coordination for cooking. Their personal time is seldom their own, as they must excel at all of their tasks and offer little opposition if they want to keep their jobs or to get a promotion. En suivant les indications du chef de cuisine, il supervise les activités des chefs de partie, des aide-cuisiniers et des autres membres de la brigade, il attribue les tâches et quarts et planifie les préparations. Following the instructions of the head chef, the sous chef supervises the work of the chefs de partie, kitchen assistants and the other members of the kitchen crew, assigns work and shifts, coordinates food production schedules, oversees all line operations and ensures that all essential equipment and utensils are in good working order. Finally, sous chefs are responsible for monitoring team performance, food quality and food production. They strive to create a culture of continuous improvement, maintain effective communication within the kitchen and with the head of the waiting team and work to resolve any organizational or operational issues that may arise. Typically they work a full time, six-day week, with their hours split between lunch and dinner services. For many aspiring for jobs in the culinary industry, becoming a sous chef can be seen as a temporary dream job. The word sous is a French word which means under, and a sous chef is the chef who works under a head chef of a restaurant. There aren’t any sous chef job education requirements, although some restaurants may ask for some courses of someone interested in an upper echelon job opening. Le sous-chef est compétent dans tous les aspects du travail quotidien en cuisine, de la préparation des ingrédients à la cuisson, de la préparation des assiettes à leur décoration : il sait cuisiner les entrées, les plats de résistance et les desserts. Professional sous chefs have to work weekends and holidays, as well as to divide their schedules between day and night shifts. Whether starting from a low-level kitchen helper position, responsible for the pastry line or for preparing a single sample for potential customers, or from a higher position at a different hotel or restaurant, many would like nothing more than to be able to put the sous chef job position on their resumes. ), les commis de cuisine et l'ensemble du personnel de cuisine, jusqu'au plongeur. However, the sous chef job description and specifications usually remain the same. This means that they employ shifts and overtime systems that end up with the kitchen staff having to work far more stressful and long hours than most people are used to. Making sure that the dishes hold up to a certain standard. Train the kitchen staff to reach the best speed and the best food quality they can. Another important responsibility of the sous chef is inventory management, which involves selecting suppliers, ordering raw materials and managing food stocks held in the larder and cold room. How to write a Sous Chef job description. Additional advantages include the wide range of career possibilities enjoyed by a sous chef, both at home and abroad. Une fois dans le secteur, les personnes qui font preuve de capacités, de passion et de dévouement peuvent développer leur carrière et devenir cuisinier, puis chef de partie, dans les contextes les plus structurés. They also have to have a near-perfect sense of taste and smell. Le travail de sous-chef est fondamental pour le succès global de la brigade de cuisine, et il s'agit d'un rôle de très grande responsabilité : le talent et les capacités du sous-chef sont mis à l'épreuve chaque jour, et le défi consiste à garantir aux clients une expérience culinaire de grande qualité. Sous chefs typically work in the kitchens of restaurants, hotels and cruise ships. Because once they’re there, it’s only a matter of time and skill until they get the chance to apply for an executive or head chef position. In addition to overseeing and coordinating kitchen operations, the sous chef is also responsible for ensuring that the kitchen brigade complies with all restaurant standards (e.g. As the second in command in the kitchen brigade, the sous chef works in close collaboration with the chef. They must be able to make the best decision and assign the right people for each role. Helping the head chef come up with new menus and dishes. As expected, the higher the rank a candidate is hoping to attain, the higher the requirements for that position become. Sous Chef Job Description - Skills, Responsibilities and Career. The head chef trains the sous chef to become head chef someday, till then they have work under them and learn the art of cooking. The job entails preparation of high quality cuisine that is tailored towards customer tastes and preference. Having one of the most important jobs in the kitchen, the sous chef is basically the head chef’s second-in-command. Sous chefs are also in charge of training up junior kitchen personnel and in some cases may be involved in the selection of new staff. Les compétences d'un sous-chef comprennent : La carrière qui mène à être sous-chef peut commencer en travaillant dans la cuisine d'hôtels et de restaurants comme commis ou comme aide-cuisinier, qui sont les premiers postes au sein de la brigade de cuisine.

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