The company said it plans to open the shop in the Laotian capital Vientiane by next summer. Our mission to inspire and nurture the human spirit – one person, one cup, and one neighborhood at a time. From left to right, they are: Fairytale princesses (and pegasus fans) should check out these seven tumblers and bottles: We don’t know about you, but we’re getting through an awful lots of mugs for tea and coffee as we stay home for most of the day. If your Starbucks® Rewards Visa® Credit Card account is closed for any reason, your Stars will expire six (6) months after the calendar month in … Discover Japan: Uji, Japan’s Matcha Mecca. Looking for something to do while you sip your summer drink? Add this limited edition Starbucks Card to your collection! SAKURA 2020 Pearl Stainless Bottle 355ml 4,000 yen The line-up includes tumblers and mugs, and some of items are perfectly useful for picnic or cherry blossom viewing. The dreamy, pastel coloured ocean-theme drinkware collections includes tumblers and mugs with limited design. The sea-themed side brings us a lovely iridescent Whale Mug (355ml, ¥2,000) and a stylish Gold Shell Glass Mug (355ml, ¥2,400). Starbucks Rewards Members earn 2 stars for every $1 spent using a registered gift card or the Starbucks app. Comparing to the first edition, it looks more elegant and sophisticated with cold colours. Starbucks New Summer Collection 2020 With Fruit-themed Mugs & Tumblers In Bright Cheerful Colours! These merchandise have been available at Starbucks stores since April 8. STARBUCKS JAPAN SAKURA COLLECTION 2020. Free shipping on many items ... STARBUCKS JAPAN Summer Collection Mug Swan 355 ml Summer 2020 Super Cute! Mini Starbucks Card SAKURA Breeze, Sales Period: 15 February 2020~ (while stocks last), 1. Starbucks Japan’s brand new SAKURA merchandise collection and spring limited beverage will be released in February 2020! © 2019 Starbucks Coffee Company. If you are visiting Japan this spring, don’t miss a chance to taste the delicious spring flavour with a new Starbucks Japan beverage! Check more details and how to participate the giveaway from the link below , Moreover, the largest Starbucks store in Japan, Starbucks Reserve Roastery Tokyo is releasing its first own SAKURA collection in 2020 featuring the special designed drinkware, beverage and food inspired by cherry blossoms. Sakura Sakuranbo Frappucino® blended beverage: A creamy milk base flavored with cherry blossom and a subtle hint of strawberries, topped with a sauce featuring the rich texture of cherries.The unique sweet and sour notes instantly evoke the freshness of spring. Starbucks Japan releases numbers of limited-time drinks through the year using seasonal ingredients and motifs. SAKURA 2020 Lucent Stainless Tumbler 355ml 3,500 yen Take for instance, the new Starbucks Korea 3rd edition summer merchandise that launched two days ago! 5. Check out the beautiful cherry blossom theme drinkware including tumblers, mugs, bottles and stationery as well as limited Sakura flavour beverage (frappuccino and hot drink) available only in Japan in 2020 spring! **** PLEASE CHECK YOUR COUNTRY BELOW BEFORE CHECKOUT ****, Starbucks Summer Bag (Bag & pouch only, No snacks), Starbucks Healthy Summer Snack Bag 2 Sets, A Twosome Place 2021 Daily Kit - Aroma Pink, A Twosome Place 2021 Daily Kit - Mud Gray, Starbucks Korea 2020 Christmas 1st Collection, D - Armani Note Keeper (card case included), A - Standing Scheduler (calculator included), Hwangudan + Starbucks The First Square Mug, Starbucks Korea 2020 Halloween Collection, Halloween Chocolate Toffee Nut Candy Pumpkin, Starbucks Korea 2020 Autumn Seasonal Collection, Night Sky Ceramic + Galaxy Todd Glass Cold Cup Set, Starbucks Korea 2020 Summer 3rd Collection, Starbucks Korea 2020 Summer Seasonal Edition, Starbucks Korea 2020 Summer 2nd Collection, Starbucks Korea 2020 Jeju Hydrangea Collection, Starbucks Korea 2020 Thank You Collection, Starbucks Korea 2020 Cherry Blossom Collection, Starbucks Korea 2020 Korean Porcelain Special Edition, Starbucks Korea + Vera Wang Limited Collection, Starbucks Korea 2020 Valentine's Day Collection, Starbucks Korea 2019 Christmas 2nd Collection, Starbucks X Vidivici Makeup Kit - Eyeshadow + Lipstick, Starbucks X Vidivici Makeup Kit - Lipstick, Starbucks X Vidivici Makeup Kit - Eyeshadow, SS Hwangudan + Starbucks The First Tumbler Set, Halloween Chocolate Toffee Nut Candy Ghost. 7. SAKURA 2020 Bottle Breeze 355ml 2,100 yen Whale Stainless Logo Bottle 473ml (4,000 yen) The Japan-Limited Sakura Milk Pudding Frappuccino is a milk-base frappuccino drink blended with cherry blossoms and strawberries sauce and milk pudding with cherry blossom extracts. Starbucks Japan Sakura Collection 2020: Cherry Blossom Theme Merchandise and Beverage. Mugs. 16. Besides the Sakura merchandise collection, Starbucks Japan is releasing their first collection of sustainable “Reusable Cup” in 2020 spring. SAKURA 2020 Charm Silicon Lid Stainless Cup 355ml 3,200 yen These Are the Netflix Shows You Have to Watch, Follow These Accounts and Put Japan on Your Instagram Feed, Deep Blue Handy Stainless Bottle (400ml, ¥4,200), Whale Logo Stainless Bottle (473ml, ¥4,000), Jellyfish Cold Cup Tumbler (355ml, ¥2,000), Whale Strap Cup Shape Bottle (355ml, ¥3,900), Pegasus Handy Stainless Bottle (350ml, ¥3,900), Pegasus To Go Logo Tumbler (355ml, ¥3,500), Star-Embossed Stainless Tumbler (473ml, ¥3,800), Star Silicone Strap Stainless Bottle (355ml, ¥3,900), Swan Double-Walled Sunny Bottle (473ml, ¥2,400). Starbucks Japan releases several limited-edition/seasonal merchandise collections through the year such as Geography Series, Christmas and New Year with special designed drinkware (tumblers, mugs, etc), and they are extremely popular among both Japanese and foreign visitors. SAKURA 2020 Starbucks Gift Mini Cup 950 yen, (Above) SAKURA 2020 Reusable Cup Set and Bag 473ml 2,800 yen, (Below) SAKURA 2020 Reusable Cup 473ml 350 yen (from 19 February 2020). SAKURA 2020 Beverage Card Breeze 620 yen ▶ Starbucks Japan Sakura Tumblers and Mugs 2019. SAKURA 2020 Mug Breeze 355ml 2,000 yen 4.7 out of 5 stars 235. Or give your coffee a chaser with these super-simple Japanese cocktails. SAKURA 2020 Beverage Card Petal 620 yen For controversial damages and defects such as scratches and rubber tightness, you must return the product to the designated international address. All rights reserved. There has been no lost package issues so far, but appoximately 1.5% of packages have been damaged due to the tough conditions of international shipping processes. Thanks for reading! 9. This summer, we’ve got two cold drinks to enjoy from convenience stores all around Japan. 11. Luckily, Starbucks has you covered, with two mugs apiece in each range. Shell Charm Bottle 473ml (2,300 yen) Get the best deals on Starbucks Japan when you shop the largest online selection at 2. Save the planet and look good doing it with these latest offerings. The classic summer fruit flavors look perfect for the long hot summer. GirlStyle Singapore. The brand known for its trendy, gorgeous seasonal drinkware—you know, like those adorable Valentine’s Day cups or the ones that changed colors—is releasing its new spring merch line, and we’re in love.. It’s topped with pink Arare (rice cracker) to present pink petals of cherry blossoms. 05 October 2020 - 13 November 2020 Starbucks Singapore has launched a series of summer-themed merchandise. Compensation will be offered as Reward Points only. Starbucks New Summer Collection 2020 With Fruit-themed Mugs & Tumblers In Bright Cheerful Colours! Play Starbucks Rewards Summer Game for a chance to win free drinks, summer merchandise, instant prizes and thousands of Stars. Summer in Japan brings many things: screeching cicadas, scorching temperatures, and (perhaps most importantly) stylish new merch from Starbucks. (Left) Sakura Milk Pudding Frappuccino Each Privilege Card comes with space to write a message, and includes the price of a drink to get the recipient started. Sakura Sakurambo Frappuccino is a milk-base frappuccino drink with a hint of cherry blossoms and strawberry flavour, and mixed with sweet and sour chunky cherry (sakurambo) sauce. Deep Blue Handy Stainless Bottle 400ml (4,200 yen) ... Starbucks Korea summer 2020 collection 3rd edition part 1. SAKURA 2020 Stainless TOGO Logo Tumbler Breeze 355ml 3,700 yen The collection is split into two groups, a lighter blue reminiscent of the daytime sky and a dark blue which reminds us of the mysterious night sky. 11. ), ▷ !! If you’re lucky enough to accumulate 400 stars, use them to score a single merchandise item for free (up to $20 value) – so you could get one of these new reusable … Starbucks Coffee Japan "You Are Here Collection" Mug Japan Summer - … 6. SAKURA 2020 Stainless TOGO Logo Tumbler Sparkle 355ml 3,700 yen SAKURA 2020 Portable Picnic Mattress 2,500 yen SAKURA 2020 Stainless Create Your Tumbler Breeze 355ml 2,900 yen 8. Photo from Starbucks Korea. Whale Mug 355 ml (2,000 yen), Left to Right: Especially Korea Starbucks Tumbler 2020, starbucks christmas tumbler 2020, Korea Starbucks Cherry Blossom 2020, Korea Starbucks Sakura 2020. (*NOTE: Products are only available in Japan and international shipping is not available. 17. From August 4, we’ll get another cold drink: the Peach Pink Fruits with Peach Jelly Chilled Cup (¥219). The design is inspired by the gentle breeze of spring and presents the warm spring days and fluttering cherry blossom petals. Starbucks Japan Ocean-Theme Summer Merchandise Collection 2020. 3. Get it here -> for $30 - $88.32 each. SAKURA 2020 Pearl Tumbler 473 ml 2,200 yen This Starbucks Card is yours when you load a minimum of $10 into the Card. We’re inspiring partners (employees) and customers to get involved in their communities. Whether the weather calls for an umbrella or sunglasses, we have the perfect drinkware to keep your beverages warm or cool. Starbucks Japan’s brand new SAKURA merchandise collection and spring limited beverage will be released in February 2020! Starbucks Card Terms of Use and Agreement. SAKURA 2020 Bright Stainless Bottle 355ml 3,600 yen Check it out at their online store. 4. It’s topped with 3-coloured Kombeito (Japanese candy). ... Starbucks 2020 Color Changing Reusable Cold Cups Summer LGBT Pride 24 oz, Set of 5. Gradation Curved Stainless Bottle 355ml (3,800 yen) Even without this No-Hassle insurance, your package is still covered by your post office whether you chose regular shipping or EMS. Part one of the collection has a range of light blue cups, tumblers, water bottles and a kettle. Instagram: All rights reserved. Left to Right: SAKURA 2020 One-touch Bright Stainless Bottle 450ml 4,400 yen Rounding out the collections are three specially-themed gift cards and a pretty fancy Prism Stationery Pouch (¥2,00) that nevertheless looks like a solid makeup bag to boot. Mild and mellow, the lighter roast perfected. Any other methods of declaration will not be accepted.  Exclusive! The collection features the fine and misty spring rain showering through the cherry blossoms and flowers and make them shine and transparent. As we said, Starbucks’ current seasonal offerings follow two broad themes: one with sea life and ocean designs, and another with a fairytale vibe. The dreamy, pastel coloured ocean-theme drinkware collections includes tumblers and mugs with limited design. 5. Starbucks Card SAKURA Breeze

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