Apocalypse names the child Stryfe after an enemy he had in years past (the enemy was the time-traveled clone child himself; thus Stryfe’s own name a paradox). Items sold that determine avg selling price. [Not enough auctions to build price history graph], (These are not calculated into the avg selling price.). The leader of the Askani turns out to be Rachel Summers (Nathan’s half-sister) displaced in time. : Sold (8), : For Sale (4) In reacting to this, Apocalypse infected the child with the Techno-Organic Virus, giving the child a death sentence. As X-Force and Cable left with Hope, Stryfe was last seen being dragged by Apocalypse and was about to fulfill his destiny: to become the next vessel for Apocalypse's soul. Stryfe believed that Scott abandoned him to his dark life out of selfishness. Stryfe sends out his army to kill Cable, Hope and the new incarnation of the X-Force, Cyclops' team sent into the future to protect the two. The clone was raised as Stryfe. Click pin to see price and location and link to auction. Stryfe has been featured in the HeroClix figure game in both the "Giant Size X-Men" and "Deadpool & X-Force" waves. Stryfe was featured in Hasbro's Super Hero Squad line as part of a special box set that was released for the, Stryfe was featured in Hasbro's Marvel Legends line as part of the. any Comic Vine content. You can search for He oversaw the death of Cable’s wife Jenskot and kidnapped Cable’s son Tyler Dayspring. View full history. The victory was short lived because the forces of Apocalypse invaded the haven of the Askani after being tipped of by a traitor among them. Nathan was a child of prophecy - to bring an end to the evil known as Apocalypse. This future is under the rule of Apocalypse and the Askani are the resistance force against him. Enter the URL for the tweet you want to embed. Stryfe became the "Scion of the Dark Lord" and lived a life under the boot of the tyrant Apocalypse. Bishop meets up with Stryfe, who is very much alive in a alternate future ruled by him after Apocalypse's reign. Stryfe, in the confusion, escapes. Scott Summers was dealing with the death of his true love, Jean Grey, when he found a new life with Madelyne Pryor. Where Fans Come First Hot new releases, must-know news, and beyond—all in your inbox (Available to U.S. residents only.) Character » Stryfe - Marvel Legends Infinite Series - Jubilee (BAF) Toys R' Us Exclusive, MARVEL LEGENDS X-MEN JUBILEE HEAD (FROM STRYFE), Stryfe w/ Jubilee BAF (Marvel Legends, Hasbro), Marvel Legends ~ JUBILEE (BAF) HEAD & RIGHT ARM ~ Toys R' Us From Stryfe Cyclops, 2014 Marvel Legends XMen TRU exclusive STRYFE Figure Jubilee BAF SFH, Stryfe - Marvel Legends Infinite Series - Jubilee BaF RARE MiB, Hasbro Marvel Legends TRU Exclusive Jubilee BAF Series Stryfe New Never Opened, STRYFE MARVEL LEGENDS INFINITE SERIES JUBILEE BAF X-MEN RARE STRYFE NIB 2014 NEW, STRYFE Marvel Legends INFINITE SERIES JUBILEE BAF X-MEN RARE STRYFE NIB 2014 NEW, Marvel Legends Stryfe Infinite Series X-Men Jubilee (BAF) ToysRUs Exclusive 2014. Customs services and international tracking provided, - Marvel Legends MYSTIQUE figure X-Men Walgreens Exclusive Series RARE Hasbro, - Marvel Legends Iron Man Electronic Helmet, Leave feedback about your eBay search experience - opens in new window or tab. Warpath broke off his restraints and attacked Stryfe, but he was defeated when Hope beg him not to hurt "Nathan". ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. virus was put in check and Nathan was spared. Shop the legendary collection of comic and movie-based Marvel characters. Being a clone of Cable, Stryfe has the same mutant powers as his genetic brother, mainly telepathy and telekinesis. The child was to be the new vessal of his soul. Unknown to anyone, this was all a screen to set up Stryfe’s real master plan to get revenge on those that he blamed for his ruined life, his mother and father Scott Summers and Jean Grey (he didn’t know at the time that he was a clone and thought that he was the real Nathan Summers) as well as Apocalypse the father of all his pain. Because he was adopted by Apocalypse, he was given genetic augmentation that makes him a powerful mutant. The woman tells Scott that she can save his child but to do so he must give the child to her so she can take him to the future. Scott gives her the child in hopes that she could truly save his life.

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