[246] Elsewhere, in Daraa Governorate, rebel fighters captured the town of Tafas from government forces after weeks of clashes which reportedly left scores dead. [369] USAID and other government agencies in US delivered nearly $385 million of aid items to Syria in 2012 and 2013. Turkey launched an offensive into Syria’s Kurdish-held northeast region, days after the United States announced that it would not stand in the way. [84], On 5 June, fighting broke out in Haffa and nearby villages in the coastal governorate of Latakia Governorate. But instead of a friendly welcome, Popilius offered the king an ultimatum from the Senate: he must evacuate Egypt and Cyprus immediately. [199], On 12 July FSA reported that one of its commanders, Kamal Hamami, had been killed at the hands of Islamists a day before. [42] By 2011, Syria was facing a deterioration in the national standard of living and steep rises in the prices of commodities. [158], On 8 May, government forces captured the strategic town of Khirbet Ghazaleh, situated along the highway to the Jordanian border. The PFLP-GC has been accused by pro-rebel Palestinians of actively participating in the conflict as secret police in the refugee camps. The US Government stated via US Envoy James Jeffrey that the collapse would be exacerbated due to sanctions, and offered to help President Bashar al-Assad if he agreed to meet certain conditions for political reform. Aside from the government’s ability to now focus its military on recapturing just one region, and its history using chemical weapons, Turkey’s military presence in support of the rebels helped guarantee that any government offensive would be met by a tough fight. But official foreign support for these groups has been unsteady and uncoordinated. The First Syrian War was a major victory for the Ptolemies. The United States, which had been reluctant to send weapons for fear of inadvertently arming radical jihadists who would someday turn against the West, eventually started a modest program to train and equip a few vetted rebel groups. [127], On 2 March, intense clashes between rebels and the Syrian Army erupted in the north-central city of Raqqa, with many reportedly killed on both sides. [34] The period was characterized by the emergence of numerous political forums or salons, where groups of like-minded people met in private houses to debate political and social issues. Digital object identifier: Lawson, Fred Haley, ed (1 February 2010). [110][111] Apart from the two Syrian soldiers killed in the southern province of Sweida, five members of the pro-Iranian militia were also killed, summing up the death toll to seven people, the Times of Israel reported. [133], On 21 March, a suspected suicide bombing in the Iman Mosque in Mazraa district killed as many as 41 people, including the high profile Pro Assad Sunni cleric, Sheikh Mohammed al-Buti. [355], Kurds showing their support for the PYD in Afrin during the conflict. By early 2013, though, the military situation appeared to be approaching stalemate. In 200 BC, Roman emissaries came to Philip and Antiochus demanding that they refrain from invading Egypt.

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