Whatever form it takes, The Blob seems primed to slide and slither its way into cinemas once again. Whether on purpose or not, I’m convinced those were its political underpinnings.”. The Blob and plays the eccentric Reverend Meeker here. The Blob (also known as Son of The Blob) must have seemed like a bit of a relic even in the early ’70s. The red ooze’s desire for consumption has led to a fair amount of speculation about the film’s possible subtexts. But the new blob is stealthier and more vicious; it has an acid-like effect on its prey, can divide itself into several entities, and can strike out with deadly tentacles. The top photo is a screen shot taken from the movie while the photo underneath is what the location looks like today. 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Vermilion Catholic High School - 425 Park … Robert Walker (Easy Rider), Richard Stahl (Five Easy Pieces) and Richard Webb (Out Of The Past) were all respected actors who unaccountably agreed to show up here. The film stars Steven McQueen (in his starring feature film debut, as Steve Andrews) and Aneta Corsaut and co-stars Earl Rowe and Olin Howland. Strangely, one of the stories Close wrote for Wasteland was based on his experiences on the set of Beware! The Blob is an independently made 1958 American science fiction-horror film in widescreen color by De Luxe, produced by Jack H. Harris, directed by Irvin Yeaworth, and written by Kay Linaker and Theodore Simonson. Unlike the 1988 version, which recast the Blob as a manmade biological weapon, it seems that West’s remake will draw on the 1950s film’s story, where the Blob had more otherworldly origins. With little money to make the project, Harris turned to a Pennsylvania-based studio called Valley Forge – a company that had made around 250 religious films, but had never attempted a feature before. The not-half-bad, updated remake of 1958 sci-fi horror The Blob, with spectacularly gloopy FX and a fine cast of character players. Having remained on ice for another 16 years, The Blob was thawed out once again for a remake, which arrived a shade over 30 years after the original first seeped into cinemas. “I had written a Blob story for Wasteland #8, “The Eye Like Some Strange Balloon,” where my cat had scratched my cornea and forced me to appear in Beware! Joe McCarthy had just been disgraced, and the Cold War was very much a fact of life […] That’s what the Blob is – a creeping red menace – the Cold War.”, Appropriately, the Blob is ultimately frozen by Steve McQueen and an army of teenagers armed with fire extinguishers. The Blob, which seemed to exist in its own Z-grade bubble, The Blob 1988 is very much inspired by the body horror of such films as Philip Kauffman’s Invasion Of The Body Snatchers, John Carpenter’s The Thing, and David Cronenberg’s The Fly – all of them, interestingly enough, remakes themselves. The Blob remake was directed by Chuck Russell, who’d previously headed up A Nightmare On Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors and later went on to direct The Mask (1994), Eraser (1996), and The Scorpion King (2002). Sadly, The Blob‘s disappointing performance at the box office meant that a sequel never happened. Del Close, mentioned earlier, also makes an appearance as a homeless person. Remarkably, Harris managed to convince Valley Forge, along withMethodist minister and filmmaker Irvin S Yeaworth, to direct his sci-fi horror project. Close had a varied and interesting life; as well as an actor (look out for him in The Untouchables and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off), Close was also a writer, and in the late 1980s, co-wrote a series of DC comics called Wasteland. “This mineral,” Yeaworth suggested, “if you get involved with it, can absorb your flesh.”. Downingtown, Pennsylvania, USA (Diner) 10 of 10 found this interesting Interesting? Abbeville, Louisiana, USA (the town) 13 of 13 found this interesting Interesting? The Blob. It’s said that a sequence where the Blob consumes a kitten was shot by Cundey. Beyond that, we can only speculate; words like “terrifying” and “believable” suggest an attempt to make a more low-key horror film than the gleefully nasty, over-the-top 80s remake, and the plan to bring The Blob to “a wider audience” suggests that West’s film will be considerably less gory than its predecessor, too. Get the best of Den of Geek delivered right to your inbox! “With modern CGI we can now fully realise the potential of The Blob,” West told Deadline. With story and cast in place, The Blob was shot over the course of 31 days and a budget of just $110,000. Today we spotlight the filming location for the 1958 movie The Blob. With mumbled, semi-improvised dialogue, distracting electronic music, and uninspiring production values, Beware! After years of silence, a remake of The Blob is up and running again, with Harris on board as executive producer and Simon (Con-Air) West signed up as director. The story kicks off when an oil worker named Chester (comedian and TV star Godfrey Cambridge) brings back a frozen sample of the Blob from the Arctic. Beware! Taking a further nine months to produce, the special effects relied heavily on a mixture of silicone and red vegetable dye, though some scenes also use rotoscoping and even a barrage balloon covered in crimson goo. Special effects aside, The Blob remake is enlivened by a colourful supporting cast – not least Del Close, who briefly appeared in Beware! An unusual sci-fi horror B-movie for its time, The Blob had equally unusual beginnings. “It can’t be killed,” Close says, “like we can’t kill Communism – we can only freeze it. Now well into his 90s, Harris has been working for several years on bringing yet another incarnation of The Blob to cinemas. Around a decade ago, it was announced that Harris had partnered with Scott Rudin to produce a remake, with a screenplay written by Carey and Chad Hayes, while Rob Zombie was set to direct on a budget of around $30m. These days, it’s generally remembered as the sole feature film directed by Larry Hagman – actor in such films as Fail-Safe and Nixon, but most famous as JR Ewing in TV’s Dallas. “And as it turned out, Chuck [Russell] had seen me in The Untouchables on his flight into New York to audition me, so I was fresh in his mind.”. Follow our Twitter feed for faster news and bad jokes right here. This time, Kevin Dillon plays a wayward teenager who battles a growing, disgusting blob that threatens to engulf his Californian town. Edit. Yes No. Actor and comic book writer Del Close – whose fate, as we’ll soon see, is closely bound up in the history of the Blob movies – had this to say in a 1988 issue of Starlog: “There’s also a subtle, weird, political message in the original Blob. “They were doing that pretty well, but starving to death at the same time. Accounts seem to vary as to who came up with the idea for The Blob. Take, for example, the blackly comic moment where a poor schmuck is pulled down a plughole, face first. Although it’s by no means a perfect film, The Blob is an undeniably a fun one, and certainly deserved to make more than a meagre $8m in theatres (less than half its then-lavish $19m budget) – a victim, perhaps, of an audience growing weary of the remakes of ’50s films bustling into cinemas at the time. Although he’s been involved in all kinds of film and TV projects since the 1950s, The Blob seems to hold an enduring sway over producer Jack H. Harris. McQueen  was paid a meagre $2,500 for his role; he’d been offered a smaller salary upfront in exchange for a percentage of the profits, but McQueen, desperate for the cash, took the larger pay cheque. The Blob (1988) Filming & Production. “Simon West has a terrific and terrifying vision for bringing this iconic outer-space creature to life for a new generation,” say producers Saperstein and Witten. Chef's Diner, Where "The Blob" Was Filmed. It was set in motion by Jack H Harris, a bored Pennsylvania film distributor determined to break into movie production. Showing all 3 items Jump to: Filming Locations (2) Filming Dates (1) Filming Locations. From the 1958 original via Larry Hagman's low-rent '70s sequel to the '80s remake, we chart the unusual story behind The Blob... Outside a small Pennsylvania town, a meteorite falls from the sky in the dead of night.

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