i made it past the guy who exploded, but stopped at another scene shortly after. The Exterminators Comic, free the exterminators comic software downloads THE EXTERMINATORS centers on a dysfunctional group of bug killers prowling the barrios and bungalows of Los Angeles — the thinnest point on the shaky borderline between civilization and the violent chaos of nature. Cockroaches vs people. The comic was created by writer Simon Oliver and artist Tony Moore and follows the employees of the Bug-Bee-Gone extermination company. However, the simplistic, cliched use of evil corporations and mad scientists as the pawns of evil forces was obvious and unimaginitave. THE EXTERMINATORS: BUG BROTHERS reprints the first five issues of a relatively new series from Vertigo/DC and centers around the largely dysfunctional lives of the men and women who work for a pest control company in Los Angeles. Who knew that the age old battle between man and insect could make for such a rollicking good read? The Exterminators was an American monthly comic book series, published under the Vertigo imprint by DC Comics. To learn the trade, he follows first AJ, the most disgusting human being and the best rat catcher in the country, and then Stretch, a cowboy-hat-wearing, vengeance-doling Buddhist. However since I recently ran out of interesting books to read and wanted to take on something light, easy and addictive, a comic series seemed to be the answer. An interesting concept: life at a pest control company. Sal, the head scientist at Bug-Be-Gone, also discovers that insects mutate after prolonged exposure to Draxx, skipping their evolution up several generations. It's also entirely disgusting. One of the apartment's mutated cockroaches finds the resurrected AJ, now calling himself CJ, who is actually a reborn Egyptian pharaoh who worships insects. Sometimes violent, often crude: this underrated series represents the best of Vertigo. The box in question is of unknown origins, though it carries a distinct Egyptian motif. It was written by Simon Oliver, published on July 2006 by DC Comics. This is a far cry from my usual comics reading, which tends toward the traditional (Superman, Batman, other super-heroes, Westerns, war comics, etc.). Donovan, Brent, Koen and people who generally like weird ass reads. Refresh and try again. Fresh out of jail, he starts working for his stepfather Nils Peterson's extermination company Bug-Bee-Gone. Henry James, the newest exterminator, sees the job as a means to cleanse the sins of his dark past. I'm glad I've gotten my hands on something that is so far off the grid and still interesting. i am very visual and it is easy to give myself nightmares. I will not be seeking out volume 2, but if I come across it I'll probably read it to see where the story goes next. Most of the art is amazing but at times the artist made characters appear to be Asian or African American when the dialogue and story made it clear that they weren't. [1] Through this friend the pitch of The Exterminators reached an interested publisher quickly. Category:Horror comics. The hissers eat the Draxx, and evolve into Mayan hissers, responsible for that civilization's destruction. Unless I missed it, I don’t think t. This is a far cry from my usual comics reading, which tends toward the traditional (Superman, Batman, other super-heroes, Westerns, war comics, etc.). I had never heard of this series before I picked up a very cheap used copy of this at the bookstore, but it's one I'm going to want to catch up on. This marks the first graphic novel I've chanced upon in the last few years. There’s also Henry’s girlfriend Laura, who works for the company that makes the poison the exterminators use on roaches. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. by Vertigo. Oh, and because it's Vertigo, plenty of tits and ass and gross-out stuff for you pervs. Let us know what’s wrong with this preview of, Published A strangely addictive series. This volume is mostly to set up the characters and situations for the larger story, so there are a lot of little things dropped here that don't make much sense...yet. You have the central character in a new, bizarre job surrounded by a group of oddballs who spout bizarre philosophical tidbits, and instead of encountering an alien force in a trunk, he has to face mutating cockroaches. Unless I missed it, I don’t think the story ever mentions why Henry went to prison, but in this first volume, at least, it doesn’t really matter. those who hate bugs but don't find them so repulsive that they'll hate reading a comic about them. Oliver then decided to pitch it to a comic book publisher. The box's significance is elaborated on in issue 25. Henry James is released from prison and goes to work for his step-father, an exterminator. I had never heard of this series before I picked up a very cheap used copy of this at the bookstore, but it's one I'm going to want to catch up on. Unpleasant people doing unpleasant things and cockroaches who roar like lions. Category:2006 comic debuts First I tried 'Fear Agent', which was fun, but didn't blow me away (plus the inker kinda made mud of Tony's idiomatic style). This is a far cry from my usual comics reading, which tends toward the traditional (Superman, Batman, other super-heroes, Westerns, war comics, etc.). Collecting the first five issues of writer Simon Oliver and artist Tony Moore's fantastically weird Vertigo series, A strangely addictive series. But I liked the oddball characters, the sharp humor, the grim atmosphere, and great artwork, all enought to want to read more. The Exterminators initial incarnation was a TV pitch and pilot outline[2] as writer Simon Oliver was working in the film industry at the time. This volume mostly sets up the universe and the challenges that will be facing the characters, but I'll look forward to the second volume. The very first few pages feature a meditation upon the fall of the Roman Empire which is strangely juxtaposed with a flood of insects in biblical proportions.

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