Borrow a car from the motor pool. By using LibraryThing you acknowledge that you have read and understand our. The automatic transmissions were junk, the base interiors were terribly cheap, the delay wipers had a mind of their own, they torque steer, the right rear wheels on the early models locked under braking in rain and the factory steering racks got sticky with age. This site uses cookies to deliver our services, improve performance, for analytics, and (if not signed in) for advertising. Weren’t they basically the same car? A rural farming community is plagued by a series of brutal rapes and murders, which a doctor and a journalist attempt to unravel after authorities find themselves bereft of clues. While Roger Smith gets the lion’s share of blame for the long-term fall of GM, it’s worth noting that it was his predecessor, Thomas Murphy, who was GM CEO from 1974-1980 during the development of the Citation. His friends cannot understand those transformations. ( I still wish you would take the “deadly sin” label off the ’90 Corvette and ’77 Seville.). Honestly, this car was so unbelievably horrible I cannot believe we just didn’t sue GM for malpractice. At one point I had to floor it to get around a strange truck maneuver and got torque-steered directly into a rather unforgiving light pole…possibly the first J-car total. The radiation gives him superpowers. I should have been smart enough to figure out that someone was dumping lots of problems at a fire sale price. We were still a one-car family, but we really needed two. It was soapy! I have fond memories of it. Not a whodunit at all, Sanders is more interested in probing the psychology of both killer and cop. Ormond's men are shooting or catching much of the wildlife for export as well as forcing the locals off their land. with a 4. The X-car was supposed to originally have bucket seats and a floor-mounted parking brake. Wow! They never regained the old confidence – the hideous Corsica, finally-matching-the-Taurus-but-way-late Lumina, the Quad-4, the disasterous Caddy/Olds/Buick downsize in ’86 kept the slide going. Not long after that trip the problems began. I can almost still feel it today! I actually have some good memories of this car as it was one of two cars we owned that I learned to drive stick on. before Within one model year, the word was out and the jig was up: the Citation was a lemon. I recently started reading Sanders' novels. That ’79 Cutlass remained in our driveway for a decade. Lawrence Sanders wrote a series of novels about NYPD detective Edward Delaney; popular in their day, they have not remained in print. My wife owned an ’84 Omega in high school, it was her first car. I saw someone else's user comments on this film and I can't believe that there were going to be series of films based on Frank Sinatra's character mainly because of the ending this film had. I wouldn’t drive it if you gave it to me. The stock shifter was pretty bad, but GM changed them for ’84 and I picked one of those up from a boneyard for something like $10 and it made a big difference. The thing that really stands out about this car in my memory is its unfailing tendency to stall during left turns — I assume an artifact of the carb design. Further, there was a 6% industry drop in sales from 1980 to 1981. I may be channelling psarhjinian here, but that ship has sailed. After being reassembled it kept working just as well as before. I’m so very happy, not having to deal with carburetors any longer. We all felt hopeless and unable to do anything right. The Vega was there too. Even Volares were better than these cars, and the Chrysler K cars certainly were. Just to keep it short it broke with the same issue over 15 times. I was a Chrysler and Ford fan for the following 20 years. Didn’t work though, I think you could measure the 0 – 85mph time with a sundial.) It o/h in traffic(elect fan would not come on-never The A/C worked very well, the radio was AM only – never bothered to upgrade – leaner times in my life with a young family and all. No sorrow here. Deadliest sin, indeed. To it’s credit, it was cheap to drive and hauled a ton of stuff to college. Even if the Citation hadn’t been garbage, it would have been heavily pressured from above and below after just a few years of production. When we finally gave up and tried Japanese cars, it was generally revelatory that cars could be finished so well and work so reliably. Evidently no galvanizing, and Angstrom level primer. +1 And because of the “trickle down” effect of the technology from the x-cars finding their way into the FWD A-body and J-body it slowly poisoned the entire “affordable family car” lineup for GM. She becomes more terrified when she finds the lover dead as well. Pete. Skylarks are still common, and Citations can be found, but the Omega and Phoenix models are hard to find now. Garret goes to Miami and gets murdered after 7 years in prison for a $20,000,000 bank robbery. All that said, she was quiet, comfy, quick, and toted all of my friends around easily. when a car company can’t seem to learn from its mistakes, and keeps churning out  junk in which even basic items like window regulators aren’t dialed in, why show them any future loyalty? I had an A-body Chevy Celebrity as my first car (as any of the regular commentators know.) It was ugly, but it was new and ALL mine! Fascinating comparison to the Aspen/Volare. No, the idea that the GM FWD American spec cars were going to be competitive anywhere but an American grocery store parking lot is laughable. She has to survive against a serial killer who is targeting people of her profession. In 1970, it was Toyota and Datsun, as well as a few fading European imports that GM countered with the Vega. The book states that humans can only be affected, but it's believed the first cases of coronavirus came from interactions with animals. After the engineers stopped laughing, they reported to their bosses that there was nothing to worry about. Every time I would try to parallel park in that thing, the power steering system would somehow overload the engine, causing it to stall. So less than an hour later (at 11;30pm), we heard BOOM and we were on the side of the road waiting for the towing that sent his car (with my tent trailer attached to it) to the junkyard! They’re SO cheap, both to buy and for parts, which are still stocked at all the chain parts stores. Ha! The 1980 Citation was the car that prompted my dad – a dyed in the wool GM guy if ever there was one – to throw in the towel and buy (gawd help him) a VOLVO. At 6 years old, it still looked new inside the rear quarter panel. Very coarse, although it got decent mpg and was at least reliable until developing major leaks at 90k. This is the worst adaptation of a novel I have seen to date. And in 1980 he bought a Citation. All true. The second day I was dropping off a friend’s daughter at a girlfriend’s and HER deaf and blind grandmother backed her sixties Buick out of the driveway into us as the girl was climbing out. ( I still wish you would take the “deadly sin” label off the ’90 Corvette and ’77 Seville.) These MBAs were hired to serve that very purpose, of course. The Dodge dealer wouldn’t budge on the price. I went to the local Chevy dealer to check the Citation out and I was absolutely horrified at what I saw and what had happened to my favorite car company in only 7 years, since the 1973 new models and the radical change (which I have never gotten over) debuted.

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