You could say that a narrator’s word matters more but I think Superman is pretty knowledgeable about his own capabilities. To wit, Superman could barely overpower a 1 megaton impact, needed assistance (from the likes of...Batman) to move a car sized rock and lately needed help from WW and John Stewart to safely land the JL building; he was actually exhausted from the effort. John was just being hyperbolic. Thor team: Thor with stormbreaker. So no, Thor and Superman aren't close. @aryan1990: There is a difference between powerful feats and planetary feats. Lol supernova, my ass. That is impressive but one thing you have to consider is that basing a comic characters strength off of scaling usually isn’t the best idea. Well i think just like in movies we should go by consistent feats, if we used no scalling in comics than Darkseid punches would be fodder, weaker than that of Naruto, and the same is with Juggernaut, we scale of their consistent level and Hulk when he did some of those things was not really that angry. Essentially, based on consistent speed showings, Superman should be able to punch Thor millions of times in the head before a neuron has fired in his brain – and that would knock him out. It's just Jason Aaron's magnificent writing at work here. For example, Shazam has shown the capability to stalemate Superman and strength but I still wouldn’t say he is even as strong as Thor, mainly because he doesn’t have feats of his own. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Characters can get really inconsistent with their showings, and I think this is especially true with a character like Hulk, whose strength can is established as having a varying range. We use Google Tag Manager to monitor our traffic and to help us AB test new features. … Although he certainly had help in moving the Earth, the feat is more than just half planetary for Superman. That’s not to say that Thor doesn’t have high tier level strength. iirc sometimes thor has shown good speed. It's like Scott Snyder and Venditti are polar opposites when it comes to writing high tiers, lol. He can certainly move faster than bullets, but is generally known to max out somewhere in the high machs. He even stated one time, “I didn’t know odinson was this powerful, I’d only been deluding myself to think I was a match for him” or something along those lines. It’s pretty commonly stated that Shazam and Superman are equals in strength. To repeat myself yet again: Kurt Busiek's opinion does not put the Superman vs Thor debate at rest for good -- but it still holds far more weight than the opinions of fanboys. Ah, the age old question of who beats who in a fight: Thor vs Superman edition. Let's dig into the finer points to try to determine: is Thor stronger than Superman? Thor outright admitted Hulk was stronger than him in Hulk annual 2001. Well, remember, we want your opinions, but we have ours too. Feats more unique to each character include Superman surviving the Source Wall exploding near him and Thor absorbing a bomb that was supposed to erase all divinity from the past, present and future. So Superman and Hal Jordan would have not only needed to move the Earth but overpower the force pulling it into the sun, which is why I think it’s a really good planetary feat. One is a pretty restricted version of character and other isn't. His is easily one of the weakest take (power wise) of the character in recent memory. Maybe you should read before replying. Next: Captain America Vs. Superman: 5 Reasons Cap Could Win (& 5 Reasons Superman Would Destroy Him) Share Share Tweet Email. Loki. As for the world serpent feat, it’s actually been debunked. Does it indicate how many punches it would take for Thor to destroy a planet with his fists? Strength-wise, Superman and Thor are in the same ballpark. I am well aware of Thor's low-ends. Speed is the one area in which Superman has a real advantage over Thor. @brucerogers: Yeah, Venditti completely shat on Superman's power levels even more so than Bendis who unironically gave Superman a few dozen impressive speed feats on par with Scott's Superman and a couple of decent striking force & durability feats whereas Venditti didn't just screw with Superman but the entire league members f.e he had Flash at around LS at his absolute fastest, and WW gets knocked out cold just by being slammed into a car and John Stewart the poor lad couldn't even contain a multi city block level explosion (could be wrong 'bout this one)..etc most of the leaguers are sub-city level under his writing. Also the feat kind of contradicts itself because the narrator says that they are outputting enough force to knock the planet out of orbit, but the planet in the comic never actually does get knocked out of orbit. New Thor would be vs. Superman prime: one million which is best forms of each hero. As the big-hitters in DC’s Justice League and Marvel’s Avengers respectively, Superman and Thor are often the subject of debates between fans regarding who would win if they were to fight. All of these things considered, we believe there's only one reasonable conclusion to be reached. All that being said, you have to give this round to Thor (though, again, we stress that Thor being a somewhat magical being wouldn’t make Superman crumble in his mere presence and Superman’s Kryptonite weakness is of no use to Thor at all). Here is another showing of Thor getting dominated by Pre Breach Hulk in a fight. I never said you couldn't bring feats from those eras lol. Ah, the age old question of who beats who in a fight: Thor vs Superman edition. The DC Animated Universe Continues Through Fan Comics. I just don’t think it really compares to Superman. And yes, there was actually editorial restriction until Mike Carlin was editor that Superman should not get too powerful feats. just more powerful in most ways and superman is always forgetting to use his super speed on non super fast guys. DC’s Kryptonian hero used to be able to tow several planets back in the pre-crisis days – and he can still bench-press individual planets for days on end in the New 52 timeline – but classically he is capable of moving and cracking planets with great effort. However I still wouldn’t say Post Crisis is at that level. Post Crisis Superman at the time of JLA/Avengers struggled to reach lightspeed, had restrictions by editorial to not get planetary feats and was all around much weaker than he is now (Superman routinely flies across galaxy to the point Bendis had him fly across galaxy within eight minutes, Snyder had him destroy a planet) and feats like that. Still though I would say that Thor is stronger than Shazam because he has better feats. The Asgardian is rarely without Mjolnir, his magical hammer, and let's face it, no one wants to be pounded by that thing, not even the last son of Krypton. He can reach light speed when he’s flying through space, but he hasn’t shown anywhere near that level of thought speed or reaction speed. Bon certes, si Superman affrontait Spider-Man, le résultat serait vite connu.

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