Now it is just like any other lifestyle blog (beautiful content but, as a European reader, not particularly useful). Congrats again on baby Rio! Apricot Cherry Cranberry Goat’s Milk Cheese. If you’, Last winter vs. now ❤️ Squeezed into her old b, Not ready for ❄️ yet but at least it comes wit, On the blog: mom & me outfits including my favorit, Been living the messy bun life lately, but when I, Mini Dark Chocolate Sunflower Butter Cups, Extra (Ap)Petite: Addictive Garlic Noodles Recipe, Extra (Ap)Petite: Lola’s Zucchini Chocolate Cake, Extra (Ap)Petite: Grandma’s Corn Egg Drop Soup (Vegetarian Friendly). They also come in a 2 pack of full size cups which were released in 2019, but I prefer the newer mini cups. Trader Joe's has a number of seasonal products for the fall. Verdict: worth trying – indulgent but delish. Not to mention, the grocery chain adds a slew of festive new items every single year. I didn’t buy due to a peanut allergy, but these were recommended by employees as a “nostalgic but elevated PB&J snack.” Several of you picked it up with good things to report back! Thanks for a fun review-I’m going shopping. Trader Joe’s never fails to surprise us with their latest items that are brought in seasonally to their shelves. Free from pumpkin, apple, and squash, this unique fall item is a must-have for a cheese board. They are so pretty!! I found the candy corn one to be a bit too sweet for me, but my boys loved it! Verdict: loved & hope these come back next year! I see you have the Marula Facial Oil in your cart picture, can you comment on how you use that in your skincare routine and any pros/cons? I can’t believe how active you are after just having a baby! Have had their version of the pumpkin rolls. Yes please! My boys had this for breakfast this morning with plain Greek yogurt and a little honey! Visit Insider's homepage for more stories, Trader Joe's itself describes the mix best, This quick recipe to take the pumpkin cheesecake, 8 foods you didn't know you could buy at Trader Joe's. It may still be warm here in Texas, but TJ’s puts me in the mood for fall! I went back and bought 3 more jars! are also great for putting out in vases for Fall. I can already taste how good these would be with a hot cup of coffee or tea. since. Probably go there about once a week. The pumpkin ice cream is also really divine (very intense pumpkin flavor if you’re into that). These pumpkin-spice cookies consist of a sweet shortbread cookie coated in orange or white icing. The cold, creamy treat is filled with the cozy flavors of pumpkin and ginger. Verdict: a regular in our cart, especially for when family visits! How do you like the always pan? Another yummy treat to pair with your coffee! Both in the dough and the icing, pumpkin is the star of the show in these. These are more dense but do have good cheddar flavor in each bite, and would work as a crunchy soup topping. My hubby is a HUGE cinnamon roll fan, so I knew he would love this! Thanks! Really wish they had Trader Joe’s in my country! Hi Yin, I have this one which I received as a gift. Paired with crackers, sliced meats, or fruits, this versatile cheese will give you a taste you won't soon forget. Just add salsa, greens, peppers, and some roasted in-season veggies for a fall take on what's typically a summer staple. Throw these in your cookie jar or lock them up tight in the snack drawer at your desk. These buns can also be placed in a waffle maker for a creative autumnal breakfast. Not a criticism, just miss the old content! Verdict: interesting to try, but would not get again. Pumpkin Biscotti. Addictively good – sweet, salty, creamy & crunchy in one. I look for these kringles every time! 100% including one of these in my next cheese and charcuterie board! There were so many different types of soups in stock! to grab a few groceries and WOW– Fall. Trader Joe's new fall pumpkin foods for 2020 include pumpkin kringle, pumpkin empanadas, cinnamon bun spread, and pumpkin protein smoothies. The rice noodles are a little thicker and the beef slices were fairly tender. Haha! How good does this pumpkin bisque look? Since we have so many TJ aficionados around here, I wanted to do another post including some new and seasonal items we’ve been trying. They change the flavors often and the current one is pumpkin! Hi Jean! Butternut Squash Mac 'n' Cheese. This is easy to heat up in the microwave and is creamy and cheesy with a strong kick from the black pepper. There are staples that we always must pick up –and only at Trader Joe’s. Lol. 69 cents each! The tray above includes just a few of them! I love the Trader Joe’s haul. Fall-themed chips! Since we have so many TJ aficionados around here, I wanted to do another post including some new and seasonal items we’ve been trying. A pretty good take on the classic, simple Italian “cheese and pepper” spaghetti dish. These were tough and full of seeds. A cream-based sauce makes the meal even more comforting, but this ravioli is also delicious with just olive oil and a sprinkle of cheese. They’re not as tangy and “cheesy” as a regular cheesecake, but that didn’t keep Nick and I from devouring one. A list of fall foods wouldn't be complete without mentioning pumpkin-spice coffee. A great comfort food, this pumpkin bisque is just the thing you need to warm up on a crisp fall day. Pumpkin butter! Really intrigued by this drink! I plan to use the large broom in my decor to look like a witch’s broom, and love the smell! Pumpkins, squash and gourds for decor or dinner! This was beyond easy … Couldn’t resist buying one of these muffins… Will report if it’s worth it over on my Instagram story soon! I love Trader Joe’s!! Hi Gwen, I shared some of my thoughts on the pan in a comment below but it’s definitely made to be used so hope you get to experiment and cook more with it! Cheese and pumpkin filling what’s not to love? Overload. And I used this adorable mini pumpkin waffle maker to make the pumpkin muffin mix the other day! Based on your messages, the pumpkin & ginger flavor can be polarizing – some of you are not a fan while others love. I had no idea you reviewed products like this! This is such an unnecessary comment. Comment document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "ab05302552e0387caf8ed3625228823c" );document.getElementById("acf79678a7").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Sad sad day when the pumpkin cream cheese is sold out Highly recommend snagging some if you’re able to find it in stock! How do you like the Always pan? These are always amazinggggg. This macaroni and cheese from the Trader Joe's freezer section is a seasonal favorite that makes a great side dish for dinner or an easy microwavable lunch at the office. For a personal touch, Trader Joe's recommends adding nuts or chocolate chips to the batter. SO yum! With milk and sugar, it can also be elevated to a pumpkin-spice latte. I was wondering if you could recommend stick-free cooking pans that work on induction cooktops. I LOVE that Trader Joe’s has so many seasonal items! 15 of the best movies to watch in the fall, ranked, 17 of the best places in the US to visit in the fall, Disney just dropped its Halloween collection, which includes Jack Skellington pillows and 'Hocus Pocus' mugs. I thought these were a little plain (very lightly salted) and harder / crisp in texture due to being very thinly sliced. Which air fryer are you using and would you recommend? Cinnamon Brooms Fortunately, Trader Joe's offers plenty of seasonal goodies, from spiced desserts to pumpkin-filled ravioli. They go quick, but Trader Joe’s has great prices for pumpkins. I have Fall items I look forward to year after year, and was excited to find some new ones to try this year too! Plus the pastas are in the shape of pumpkins….I’m a sucker for cute details like that! Upon first bite, this immediately flew to the top of the list. Hopefully this list will give you ideas of what to look for on your next TJ run, but grab them fast! Not usually a fan of gluten free bread but these bagels are LIFE. This is similar to regular mac & cheese, just a little heartier with butternut squash puree and hints of savory seasoning (nutmeg, sage & thyme). Hot take: Fall at Trader Joe’s is a million times better than fall at Starbucks. If you like these Fall Favorites from Trader Joe’s, be sure to check out these Trader Joe’s recipe roundups below: Your email address will not be published. Verdict: worth trying, or get the Autumnal jar pasta sauce for similar flavors! A leading-edge research firm focused on digital transformation. You can also try adding it to the center of some pumpkin muffins for a fun surprise. I’ve been testing it out for a few months now and am a fan! Thank you for the suggestion, always looking for new things to try on our frequent TJ’s runs! I’m anxious about how to balance work/life with two little ones after my mom leaves this week, so I especially appreciate your encouraging words during this time. Trader Joe’s always has the best granolas and cereals. These freeze well, so they are a great item to grab for the holidays. 69 cents each! It’s also lighter weight than expected and very easy to clean. Once your store runs out, they are typically not restocked until next year! I’m not usually a fan of sunflower butter (which my toddler eats in lieu of nut butters), but with these, I do not miss peanut butter at all! These two soups are super yummy, and make an easy lunch or add a sandwich and you have dinner! I need to go and get some of these items ASAP. I got it recently but haven’t used it much because its so pretty. They're also a perfect companion to a glass of milk. Pictured below in the shopping cart photo. The result is a sweet and spicy mix that brings tacos to the next level. I’ve been testing it out over the last couple of months and shared some further thoughts on the pan in a comment below! To elevate this bisque, take a Trader Joe's soft pretzel stick, cut off the top, and scoop out some of the insides. Sweet, mini cookies perfect to pair with your coffee. A fun little Halloween activity to do with your kids! This salsa is seasonal and worth picking up! How cute are these chips?!? Each pack has peanut butter filled crispy wafer sticks and a side of raspberry jam for dipping. Jean just had a baby, and you think it’s a good time to complain that she’s not publishing enough posts about — designer bags? I put it on gluten free vanilla muffins last week! This looks danger(ously) good. Salads are always a quick and easy lunch option, and this mix is a great way to infuse the season's best flavors. Always skeptical of vegan items but this looked gooooood.

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