And, at a ridiculously low price tag of under £20 (at the time of writing), the aerial also offers the advantage of being cheap. Of course, you will not be able to go very far with your aerial if it has a short cable. The device has an easy push on F-connector, which you simply need to connect to the back of your tv. You have the option of using the clear double-coated removable foam tapes (for window and wall mounting) or assembling the aerial stand (good for tabletop mounting), both of which are included with the Monarch 50. if you buy a log perodic with pre-amp built in you should be able to get better results than just your areial alone dont forget to buy a power supply for the aerial or you will not notice any difference. All Rights Reserved. A professional TV aerial and satellite translation of this is that the aerial is too weak and flimsy to be installed outside. But, will the Monarch 50 be a good fit in your home? Check out all One For All aerials: Do you need help with finding the right TV loft aerial? Well, indoor rod aerials borrow from that design. Have you a part number for a kit to install this in a roof please? Bought in a half price offer so well impressed. the Morpilot Digital Antenna), the August DTA240 does not require an extra plug during installation. Log periodic aerials are also known for offering more consistent signal levels across all freeview channels and are great at resisting electrical interference. With a list of top-notch features that include a 50-mile range multi-directional reception, UWB technology, 4G filter, 15ft cable, and a stylish easy-to-mount design, the Monarch 50 is nothing short of an excellent product. Another nice thing about the aerial is that it features a magnetic base. What if I replace the current aerial in the loft with a log p aerial in the loft? Should this aerial read 75Ohm across its connector? Further benefits and classification of the Loft TV aerials will be represented in the table. That said, knowing the differences between each of the available types should help you make a wiser choice. And, with a fast and easy set-up, omnidirectional signal pick up, and 50-mile range reception, the aerial does not fall too far down on the quality scale of indoor aerials. Due to its design, the SLx DigiTop Indoor TV Aerial has a setup process that is longer than your average plug and scan indoor antenna but easy all the same. Because they are positioned inside the loft, they cannot be damaged due to weather conditions such a heavy rain and wind. This cute little aerial is a bit of a hit or miss depending on where you are located (i.e. A neighbouring building, tree branch, or even a neighbour’s rooftop aerial could be getting in the way. There are a number of reasons why people choose loft TV aerials: The aerials are weather-proof. However, that should not be too hard thanks to its paper-thin design. Start with areas next to windows, as this is where aerials typically work best. To begin with, you will need to live in an area with a strong signal reception to be able to get freeview channels using this aerial. Aerials are certainly not the most eye-pleasing items to look at. To wrap the whole thing up, the SLx 27887K4 Loft & Outdoor Digital TV Aerial is a good piece of transmitting equipment that can be installed in the loft, attic or outside the house. This is the same kind of reception you will find with a good number of higher priced units. Remember the metal ‘rabbit ear’ antennas that would go on top of old-school television sets? One downside about the Maxview Contour Plus is that it falls a little short when it comes to reception range. With this indoor aerial, you will not find features like extensive bandwidth coverage, signal filtering technologies, or even radio reception. This is another area where the Maxview Contour Plus fails to keep up with other competing indoor aerials. Sometimes you may not be able to get good TV reception even after properly setting up your indoor aerial. Instead, you pop in 2 x AA batteries, hit the ‘on’ switch and a blue LED light will come on and flash regularly indicating that the aerial’s signal booster is at work.

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