Thanks for that. Through the tunnels, the piercing exhaust notes probably terrorized other motorists, but I had good intentions. The electric model will be limited to 30 examples and made in three distinct colors to celebrate the American landscape: Malibu (yellow), Yosemite (green), and Tahoe (blue). News AKMI is one of the Leading News Website in US, We are always happy to provide you Latest Updates of the US and World. Want to give your Defender® the Twisted EV treatment? Nervously and carefully, I pulled out of the Beverly Hilton in this Keswick Green Defender. One such example, a 1997 Defender 90 NAS with 3,000 miles, sold at a mind-blowing $155,000 on an auction site earlier this year. Stitched and diamond-pattern leather, choice of Twisted steering wheel, leather-trimmed door panels and handles, and a diamond leather headliner create an aesthetically pleasing cabin. A quarter of a million bucks is a bunch of Benjamins for what looks like an old Land Rover Defender that's been to the custom shop. The full-leather trimmed dashboard features a touchscreen infotainment and navigation system, a Hertz eight-channel audio system, unique readouts, and a Twisted Automotive build-plaque. Among them: it’s loud, with a wobbly ride, lousy visibility, and vague steering, and is about as slow as a slug. The clean and robust EV drivetrain, exclusive direct drive power system and US-made electric motor deliver what you need, when and where you need it. Song: We are One - Vexento And thanks for reading Autoblog. Built on a galvanized and Raptor-coating protected chassis, the body-on-frame Twisted NA-V8 is fitted with heavy-duty differentials, driveshafts, and half-shafts to cope with the additional output. The rugged off-roader is adorned with a plethora of upgrades over a regular Defender and will be capped at just 200 units. With plans to sell only 200 hand-built and individually numbered models during the next five years, including a forthcoming all-electric variant, a starting price of $250,000 will secure your name on the list for a Twisted NA-V8 Land Rover Defender 90. Presented in excellent condition and with a number of unique aesthetic and performance-enhancing modifications, it is a high-end example of the ‘go anywhere’ 4x4. Twisted Automotive, the British Land Rover Defender-making company, is entering the United States. You still haven't turned off your adblocker or allowed our site. 4WD Gear Reduction Direct Transmission, Step Down Direct Transfer Case, Retained High and Low Range. So let’s just say my first-ever test in a classic Land Rover Defender is one I will never forget, and it’s one that will not be topped easily—and for all of the right reasons. Twisted-specific exterior upgrades include choice of wheels, a stage-one grille, a powder-coated steering guard, headlight surrounds, wing-top and side vents, and billet aluminum door handles and fuel cap. But the Twisted NA-V8 is a bit more than that. I watched as the Defender went back into the parking garage at the Beverly Hilton, and for a moment I felt like tears should be running down my face. Finally, a chance arrived for me to lay down the pedal on the freeway, and suddenly all manners were broken. Twisted is working with Dutch electrification specialist Plower on the project, which will be offered for the full range of 90, 110 and 130 Defender body lengths. Anyone who owns or who has previously owned a classic Land Rover Defender understands that with ownership of the legendary boxy SUV comes compromise. Designated as the “Defender” in 1990, the Defender did eventually land in America, and it enjoyed a brief sales run from 1993-97 before being expelled due to not meeting U.S. safety regulations. “I'm really excited to have the ability to bring EV ownership to users of a classic British vehicle. Backed by its 20-plus years in the business of re-engineering the Defender in Yorkshire, England, Twisted Automotive now introduces its NA-V8 lineup into the North American market. Visibility at times, specifically through the rear window, did cause a little anxiety during lane changes, though it was nothing to go cry over. The exact text will differ depending on the actual application you have running. Texas-based Twisted Automotive (a subsidiary of the British company) has unveiled a potent version of the Land Rover Defender it dubs the Twisted NA-V8. Once we got onto Pacific Coast Hwy., I maneuvered the Defender like my life depended upon. View detailed pictures that accompany our Twisted Defender NA-V8 article with close-up photos of exterior and interior features. While retaining the Defender’s hallmark long wheel travel, Twisted engineers say the upgraded suspension dramatically reduces understeer and provides superior traction. Twisted, a British firm specialising in customised and modified editions of the classic Land Rover Defender, has announced an electric drivetrain conversion for the iconic vehicle. The Land Rover Defender in America LOS ANGELES—Before we get to the Twisted NA-V8 Land Rover Defender 90, let’s call up some context. For Defender owners who want to be greener, the swap takes around 2 weeks and is carried out at our Bristol EV facility. Undoubtedly, there exists a strong interest in acquiring classic Defenders in the U.S. market-even if that means paying six figures. I did my best to take it easy on the gas pedal, which proved to be challenging when a rumbling V-8 growled at the slightest push of the throttle. ©2020 Verizon Media. Additional technology includes Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, front- and rear-facing cameras with wide-angle views, parking sensors, Bluetooth audio, blind-spot sensors, location tracking, and an immobilizer system. You might think spending a quarter-million bucks for a bespoke Defender is straight-up absurd, and subjectively, you might be right. This page is for personal, non-commercial use. On Malibu Canyon Rd., I became a natural, and driving a custom Defender with 525 horsepower made me the most awesome person on the road.

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