I think they want me to buy power ups. The larger square you make, the more it'll impact your score, so always be on the lookout for larger squares when you can. What do you mean by ” crack it 3 times ” – do I need to move the ice dots three time before it cracks ? So if there is a purple dot next to the flame and you make a purple square somewhere else, because that other purple dot was next to the flame, it will extinguish the flame. Even In other levels, I put it out and nothing flames up again, and other times I put at least one flame out but another one lights up, or even two or three at a time….I just don’t understand how you can win like that!

You have to watch where the dots are coming from as the are replaced in order to strategize. To do this, simply go to your device’s settings and move time forward by one hour and forty minutes, this is the equivalent of 5 lives. The squares remove all the pieces of the same color from the board, so your chances to beat the requirements increase. Any clues or cheats for me? I can’t get but one square before I run out of life. But just like Candy Crush, there are lots of little tips, hints, and cheats you can remember to help you blaze through levels, restart whenever you need to without using your lives, and much more!

The most useful of all of them is the alternating, or sandwiched, dots that are paired with mates. The key to beating level 65 is to create squares.

You're navigating to a different app. im stuck on level 59 . I just do not get the ice thing? I got by Level 120 it took me 3 days of trying. Then you can get back to the level and so on. It also eliminates the need to worry about bringing it all the way to the bottom anymore. Firefox or

. The I hit the Squares just right and made it on my last try. And make some square. Anyone else had this problem? Hah I thought I was on level 85, but I’m beyond that to level 102. I think I may be going crazy! Think of it this way, if you connect two dots at the very top, only those two dots will be replaced. Thanks !

There are some patterns in TwoDots that are worth remembering. What does the fire on the level nodes mean? Or is it about moving dots in the same position of the ice three times ? Can someone please help me find help in passing the Level 65 that I have? 115 start by making a yellow square or blue square in the last column and pray from there! Since TwoDots requires 20 minutes to go by to replenish a life, forward your clock ahead at least 100 minutes.

I finally beat the level without a hitch. It’s cool to be a Square. This goes along with my very first tip. if you dont get what you need fast enough, all the dots eventually turn to fireballs. You'll also be limited on the amount of moves you can make in each level. TwoDots is the sequel to the hugely popular game Dots. im lost…. OR Contact Us Contact. How do I get to level 461? Learn to see the patterns, the easy to create squares on the board and work your way to get them done. And the answer is…squares. All platforms.

Getting a lonely dot stuck underneath an anchor is the worst. Your message was received. ahhhhhhhhh, I hate level 42…. The first and easily most powerful secret is the power of the Square. do clear the ice away do you need to hit it 2nd time? If there is a square present on the board, you almost always want to take it before anything else. This holds true in TwoDots. However EVERY time I google this level (26), even here, they have different colors showing (only the three instead of mine having four colors that I need 50 dots of each ) and they have an extra two boxes below the “I” shape that don’t contain dots….how come ours looks different and has different rules for this level? I would like to receive news and offers from other Future brands. Very irritating. But if you quit the level before you made any moves, you won’t lose any lives. Anyone who fancies a good game of Candy Crush Saga will most likely find TwoDots immensely enjoyable. I can’t figure this level out, I am making squares and breaking the ice cubes but I’m using all my moves and not even getting one goal achieved!! It always gives me a lilac square in top centre so it starts u off but need help.

The square will remove all dots of the same color on the board while the middle dot will explode and clear anything remaining around it. I also finished 135. Mine has 4 colors. Sign up now to get the latest news, deals & more from iMore! My software is up to date. to break ice, you have to crack it three times .

I usually only see 5 anchors by the end of the game.

I had a hard time making or finding squares to make. I usually pick the color that there is more off so if more yellow then make a yellow square etc.

Any tips? Be as relaxed as possible when playing the game and you will get the most out of it. You have to clear dots down the middle to get to the bottom, and then clear horisontally at the bottom. Dots Two Dots Dots & Co. © 2020 Playdots, Inc. This is a great strategy to use on anchors since you could potentially end up exploding more than one anchor at a time. This has got me beat I’m afraid. I have 51.

... TwoDots is the brand new sequel to the original Dots, a puzzle game created by Betaworks One. There’s no guarantee, but at least you save precious lives and time from playing and failing.

Get Two Dots! Not only is a square typically your best first move, it's almost always your best move period. If you're as addicted to TwoDots as we are, be sure to let me know in the comments what tips, hints, and cheats have helped you work your way through levels the fastest. My issue when looking for help online is that the Level everyone shows and says is Level 65 is NOT my same Level. Something went wrong! The only other solution is to make a square of the same color in order to clear it. Working from the bottom gives you the best odds of finding a match or bringing down new dots you'll need. Just beat 26 on an iPhone with 4 colors showing. However, connecting two dots at the bottom causes the entire board and two columns to shift down one. Two Dots Scavenger Hunt answers and solutions to find all the hidden items on all levels. Where’s the fire?? Can’t remember how I did it, but I did. Do you use any of the above methods or do you think there are other strategies that work better? I am completely stuck on level 66- I’ve been at it a week now. Trying to figure out how fire works but can’t see any pattern or consistency in putting it out or the re-sparks. So I’m confused.

Unless you haven't made a single move yet and can restart, forcing a reshuffle can sometimes save the day.

Has anyone successfully done these things on their iPhones? I have got three stars for all levels except levels 107, 115 and 123 (without buying extra turns). My level is 24 Moves Only. SUPPORT Which game can we help you with today? Unlike in the original game, there is no time limit for you here, which means that you can take all the time that you need to analyze the board and make the required connections.

Do I need to buy power-ups to win Two Dots? yeah, this is BS.

If you only relay on luck, you won’t get too far in this game! I am stuck on level 26. Ross | July 31, 2020March 5, 2020 | Mobile Games. Thanks for contacting us.

I have both an iPhone & iPad & have easily been able to get more lives simply by setting the time on my device forward. Trick is that squares are not enough. Remember that each ‘separated’ fire will spread with 1 dot/1 round speed so it means if you have divided fire into 3 groups you will get 3 more fire dots every move!! If you are frustrated and angry, you won’t be able to think straight and concentrate and as a result you’ll just increase your losing streak. Luckily, there's a way to restart a level right off the bat without losing a life.

I cannot for the life of me get past Level 59; that’s after 690 points on a previous level.

Hello, Im playing for +- 2 months now and got true to level 134 without powerup. Is the program different for different phones/devices? The Fire keeps getting me. I got 3 stars when i had 26. Also I used the Exit to Map option from the pull down to restart without losing a life several times until I got a usable board, but that method only works if you haven’t made a move yet.

So must you play horizontal?

Can I play TwoDots if I'm color blind or have dichromacy?

I breezed through to level 65 in the past 3 days, but now cannot beat the fire. Daisyloverdonna, I’m having the same problem. Click continue to open this form in a new tab. Thanks for any help. Level 85 was so far the hardest one for me.

Even stuck on level 110 for a couple weeks now. I’ve tried everything, tons of squares and breaking the ice and nothing that looks like whats required. Mine looks like a capital “I” just as this one does, only with two squares on each side–all which don’t contain dots. I would love to know if anyone has actually beat level 26 with the 4 colors/50 times EACH!! Let us know by sharing your thoughts below. The key to clearing a level quickly and easily is starting with a decent board. Just keep calm and try to find the system in each of the levels. Focus on removing one color until you get squares and from that moment on, with a little luck, you’ll be getting square after square and you’ll be removing the fire easily. There may not be a shuffle button in TwoDots, per-say.

hi talking about two dots level 42. i dont understand how to break the ice. Learn how your comment data is processed. to crack it first do you just need to jam a 2nd dot of the same colour against the one enclosed in the ice? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

There are actual levels to clear this time that come complete with obstacles and objectives that must be met. seems as if these levels are timed . . How do you do level 123.

do you 1st need to crack the ice and then the 2nd time clear it out of the way? I’m having the same problem, Lauren! the usual move of joining 4 dots of same colour has only the same affect of clearing that colour, right? I have been playing this game for a few days when I have the extra time. We're sorry for the inconvenience.

Just make sure that you purchase them and use them to win the level and not just waste money. I am on level 40.

This could make the change you need for a larger combo.

All in ONLY 24 Moves?! And all of the cheats for it say 7 achors. That’s still how you clear flame dots but I just tried 65 and it still kicked my butt within seconds. Please enable cookies from your browser's settings to contact us. Another whole 50 colored dots to collect than the ones they show in all these videos!

And I’m STILL stuck on 26.

Just takes patience.

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