I recommend having several at your disposal – you never know whether you’ll be able to get a minute-by-minute update on a 24-hour talk radio station or be stuck relying on Twitter to find out about those outside. Nuclear Apocalypse – Global Nuclear War set off by a dispute between nations or an accidentally launched nuke via technical error or terrorist. This kind of impact is thought to have caused the extinction of all land dinosaurs 66 million years ago. The Institution of Engineering and Technology is registered as a Charity in England & Wales (no 211014) and Scotland (no SC038698), Post-disaster city recovery strategies optimised using novel technique, Experts call for tech upgrades to help fight wildfires, Boeing and FAA slammed for ‘horrific’ failures over deadly 737 Max crashes, Principal Engineer - Outfit/Vessel Arrangements. At the moment the scale of impact could be negligible, but soon no one might survive the natural calamities. Some parts of the world will probably get hotter, others colder; some will get wetter as sea levels rise, others will get drier. This oozing volcanic activity seems to cause extinctions through secondary effects, not through eruption.

The zombie apocalypse, which Kennedy and I have yet to analyze in depth, has been smattered across the media scape this week following reports out of Miami that a naked man was found (caught?) Those of you living in Baltimore and further north would have approx. The survivors have to stick together, except that there's usually some maniac who tries to create the ideal society or impose his/her will on everybody else. View wiki source for this page without editing. 24. Damn us all to hell. 10 Types Of Cinematic Apocalypse. It is not unreasonable to believe it possible for one of these black holes to eventually collide with earth.

Each is capable of producing an eruption with an area of effect of more than 240 cubic miles. Now this is where it get’s really hairy. The end has started. There’s proof of existence 10km below sea level in the Mariana Trench – 10cm single-cell organisms called xenophyophores. Come to think of it; there are a lot of vulnerabilities to life on our planet. Arctic wildfires set new record for carbon emissions, Earthquake alerts coming to Android phones, Africa obtains life-saving tool to predict climate-related disasters, View from Vitalia: Free rhubarb for techno-savvy self-isolators, Refugees and technology: on a journey of self-discovery, Australian bushfires have led to global increase in CO2 levels, Climate finance for developing nations rises, study finds, Railway electrification needed to meet zero carbon goals, No components for successful NHS digitisation in place, E&T panel debate: IoT smart tech, behind the scenes, 2020 hindsight: lessons learnt the hard way, Excess heat from steelworks could be stored and reused with new material, Private prison firm hit with ransomware attack, Astronomers ‘undistort’ images to map dark matter, Moth-inspired tech, US climate move, self-driving cars: best of the week's news, Covid-19 cycling infrastructure building spree overlooks safety needs. Nigel Stanley, CTO at TUV Rheinland, says ransomware has shown how a single class of attacks can have huge impact, with many victims that are not targeted becoming collateral digital damage. So even though no one knows what will happen in the next reversal, multiplying these effects to the “worst case scenario” gives us a good base case. We all dread the nuclear end. The apocalypse described in the thought is in reference to the inevitable expansion of the Pale 1 Description 1.1 Problem 1.2 Solution 2 Effects 3 Location You woke up in a hotel room and started rambling about the end of the world. The entire Post-Apocalypse Handbook Wiki is intended to be a living document, but with each section we hope to reach a point where we can look to it and feel some sense of completion. The Mayan civilization came to an abrupt stop while the Roman Empire died slowly. However, this step is totally down to luck and depending on where you live can be easier said than done. Also, if we melt all the ice the sea level will rise by 65m, and a lot of the world as we know it will eventually vanish under water. ","acceptedAnswer":{"@type":"Answer","text":"The word Apocalypse itself is the Greek term for revelation, but this word has gone on to refer to the end of days, end of the universe, the impending doom that all or most of mankind cannot escape. The only thing holding me back from being a believer? Not at all. More difficult to plan for, and more likely, is a dirty bomb attack by terrorists. Like stars they orbit, moving slowly across the universe. View and manage file attachments for this page. Ploughshares Fund, which is an organisation dedicated to reducing nuclear threats, reports that Russia has 6,490 weapons, the US has 6,185, France 300, China 290, UK 215, Pakistan 150, India 130, Israel 80, and North Korea 20. (This is based on an oversimplified view of colonialism, but one with a lot of popular acceptance.) But there's also often a kind of nostalgia, and a sense of relief that we're returning to a simpler way of life. Stanley reckons we need to consider physical damage to communication systems and satellites too.“There is a publicly discussed comment attributed to MI5 that society is ‘four meals away from anarchy’ – in other words, large-scale disorder if food supply chains are disrupted,” he says. It’s about all we can do in these bizarre times. We will simply never be able to list all of the possibilities that the future holds. It wouldn’t be the end of us, but we would be up the figurative creek without a paddle. We can be smushed like bugs at any time, and we're fools to think otherwise. That sort of eruption could cover millions of square kilometres with lava over a few hundred thousand years. In our last installment of the 10 Flavors of the Apocalypse, I discussed nuclear attacks and why they are the most likely apocalyptic scenario in our lifetimes. We use cookies to give you the best online experience. Further investigation indicates that the attacker was hopped up on “bath salts” a not-illegal-in-all-states designer drug made from several illegal-but-commonly-available compounds and often sold in tobacco shops. Why? Nuclear War – This is our other focus and most likely scenario. It's not even the dread of artificial intelligence in real life, but just the notion that computers and other tech are just too incomprehensible, and we only just learned to program the DVR, and now our toaster is trying to tell us something.

Not content with addressing the problems faced by our country’s zombies alone, Chodorow also delves into similar concerns facing vampires and ghosts. It could be only a matter of time before we’re surprised by unpleasant results of failing to keep a closer watch on these facilities. This is our list of 13 (unlucky for some) possibilities. Alien invasion. This is the potential large-scale sabotage of all computerised networks, activities and systems. Photo Source: John Lewis, National Weather Service. Still, with so many world-ending catastrophes cluttering up the silver screen and video shelves, now might a good time to run through the 10 stock scenarios most likely to put pay to the filmic human race. It could also be conflict escalation between two or more countries. Climate change, population surges, and urbanization are expected to bring about new unknown infections. The Universe is a scary place full of things that want to kill us. We’ve all seen the battle scars on sperm whales when they come back from their hunting trips in the deep blue. The events set off by these shifts in atmospheric chemistry could be truly catastrophic, but this sort of apocalypse would take an extremely long time. That said, the wish-fulfillment aspect is pretty much the same in every apocalypse, whereas the fears being explored are somewhat different each time, even if common themes do crop up. The cloud has many dimensions – public, private, and consumer – and has actually been in use far longer than most of us know. Change the name (also URL address, possibly the category) of the page. In Kim Stanley Robinson's alternate history The Years of Rice and Salt, the Black Plague succeeds in wiping out almost the whole population of Europe, leaving the world dominated by Muslims. and others are scientifically plausible (Astroid hitting the earth in 2036). The Apocalypse rules pop culture.

Our technology tries to kill us — not by failing, but by being too successful. Perhaps a giant asteroid will obliterate our planet? There is a possibility that one day someone will create a virus so advanced that it will manage to break past all cybersecurity barriers and crash the internet. General Wikidot.com documentation and help section. The upside of this is the weapon is likely to be smaller and a significantly smaller range. Other names include the Big Chill and Big Freeze. Think of all the things that run on internet technology today; the stock markets, the hospitals, the military, and the education system. When you can tell where a movie is going, it's always tempting to skip to the end.

The implications are simple: If the data stored on those private cloud servers were to fall into the wrong hands this entire country would fall into chaos – after all, information is power.

This kind of cataclysm would lead to wide-scale internet disruption or economic collapse. The second plague will cause the sea to become blood, and everything in it will die. Wahey. Communications in crisis: can 5G drones help save the day? No one could. Well this is some food for thought. Returning to the private cloud; the bulk of servers currently on the market are based on Intel’s Atom processors. Personally, I think Mr. Medvedev is trying to prove something after his little game of presidential musical chairs with Vladimir Putin, and there is little risk of this threat actually coming to force. Outside Threats We are not survival experts. 4. If you believe in aliens, let’s hypothesise: on other distant planets somewhere in the galaxy, there are civilisations that have their own name for humans.
Provided you’re not in the epicenter of the bomb, it is completely possibly to survive one of these attacks. “For then there will be a Great Tribulation, such as has not occurred since the beginning of the world until now, nor ever shall.” The Beast will rule with mayhem. New, 10 Times The Movie Killer Was Hiding In Plain Sight, Sean Connery's 10 Greatest Movie Performances, 10 Times Less Was Definitely More In Movies, 10 Things You Didn't Know About Iconic Movie Character Costumes, 11 Confusing Moments That Prove All Movies Exist In An Alternate Reality. Technology Fails Breeding partners? 4. Also, the giant monster attack lets us fantasize about throwing one hell of a temper tantrum, as we identify with a Kaiju letting loose on a city full of puny humans.
It is, however, likely to be similar to a geomagnetic storm on steroids. These are mystery virus strains that have been hardened through time to become resistant to anti-virus drugs. Similar events happened before. It's often kind of an ecological collapse narrative (see #2 and #9) mixed with other kinds of disasters. Weaponised ‘zombie’ pathogens, misuse of microbes and global pandemics, helped along by air travel and urbanisation, could lead to a biological disaster. Iran is more worrisome, as they are closer to obtaining a functional weapon and appear to have a vindictive streak, making it far more likely they would actually use the weapon.

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