to make and enforce contracts ... as is enjoyed by white citizens, about 71% of overulings are 5-4 under [Chief Justice John] Roberts, principle of stare decisis is not being respected, dismantle much of America’s voting rights law, Joe Biden in victory speech: “Let this grim era of demonization in America begin to end”, Kamala Harris: “I may be the first woman to hold this office. The most important news stories of the day, curated by Post editors and delivered every morning. But one of the five, Justice Lewis F. Powell Jr., said unanimous verdicts were not required in state trials. As we have discussed before, SCOTUS was undoubtedly aware that the issue of faithless electing would, if not managed, recur in future presidential elections. Any elector who fails to vote in accordance with their pledge faces consequences such as civil fines and dismissal as an official elector. That state's attorney general told the court that striking down the practice could invalidate hundreds of convictions. Gorsuch agreed — and devoted a large portion of his opinion to the past. Justices seem inclined to require state juries to be unanimous to convict, “Wherever we might look to determine what the term ‘trial by an impartial jury trial’ meant at the time of the Sixth Amendment’s adoption — whether it’s the common law, state practices in the founding era, or opinions and treatises written soon afterward — the answer is unmistakable,” Gorsuch wrote. Justice Sotomayor wrote that “while overruling precedent must be rare, this court should not shy away from correcting its errors where the right to avoid imprisonment pursuant to unconstitutional procedures hangs in the balance.”. Constitution banned non-unanimous jury verdicts, ruled that states could not exclude black people from juries. In a 1972 opinion, the Supreme Court ruled 5 to 4 that the Sixth Amendment requires unanimous verdicts in federal trials. States can pass laws that punish so-called “faithless electors” who refuse to cast an official ballot for the winner of that state’s popular vote, the Supreme Court said Monday, in a unanimous 9-0 decision authored by Justice Elena Kagan. The U.S. Supreme Court in Washington, D.C., June 11, 2018 (Erin Schaff/Reuters) The big stakes behind why the Supreme Court’s unanimous-jury decision wasn’t unanimous WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court ruled on Monday that the Constitution banned non-unanimous jury verdicts in cases involving serious crimes. The Supreme Court handed down a unanimous decision that bodes ill for the future of civil rights, Trump is attempting a coup in plain sight.

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