So, a subordinate in the Israeli army comes up with the novel solution of Mukhtar inviting the military governor(Makram Khoury) to the wedding. There is a traditional saying among the Galilee villagers, that when an Arab man comes into a fortune he either marries a second wife or ac­quires a thoroughbred Arabian horse. Coming Soon. In the event, the plot is foiled, due both to the surveillance of plain-clothes Shin-Beth agents and, more importantly, to the intervention of a leading villager, the bridegroom’s uncle, who had opposed the invitation of the military governor. Michel Khleifi’s “Wedding in Galilee” ‒ film review by Dr Nur-eldeen Masalha. Khleifi appears to regard the political resentment and resistance of the Galilee youth as childish games. Though it unhinges his film, Mr. Khleifi's dismissive attitude toward the Israelis ironically frees him; he goes on to depict his Arab village in loving, almost anthropological detail. However, the family honour, as perceived by the Mukhtar, his wife and the villagers, is a crucial issue and ought to have been developed more systematically. . The takhrij, or incantation, a traditional mystical ritual conducted by aged Arab women is converted in the film into a sensual message that transforms the tough Israeli soldier into a “Palestinianized” sensual female. ''Wedding in Galilee'' will be shown at the Museum of Modern Art as part of the New Directors/New Films festival tonight at 8:30 and tomorrow at 1 P.M. PAST VS. Please click the link below to receive your verification email. But because Mr. Khleifi turns simplistic and leaden whenever he points his camera at an Israeli, always viewed as the one-dimensional enemy, his often dazzling first feature is diminished by his insistently narrow vision. The vision of over­coming the divide and resolving the tragic conflict must not ignore the socio-political realities. Yet, in its handling of the politics of a Galilee village, I found the film very simplistic, one-­dimensional, trivializing, and its characters stereotypical. I also found the character of the bridegroom’s grandfather, and his repeated remarks about Palestine’s former Turkish and British rulers, very per­tinent. First, a general one: the women are, as usual, portrayed at the centre of sensu­ality, with lingering semi-pornographic shots of the naked female body. Your AMC Ticket Confirmation# can be found in your order confirmation email. While there is a great deal of promise shown in coexistence, with both sides actually working together at one point, the movie is just as emphatic at showing the difficulties in achieving true peace in the region. Unlike more easily palatable films, it forces the audience to decide whether to separate politics and art, whether to accept the film on its creator's terms or not. Through a variety of subplots and set mostly over a single eventful day and night, "Wedding in Galilee" serves as an excellent allegory of the entire Israeli/Arab situation. With that settled, Mukhtar goes about inviting the whole village. Of separate interest is surprisingly how sensual this is for a Middle Eastern film. These issues, set against a background of folklore and peasant culture, include the relationship between the Israeli military authorities and Palestinian villagers; sex, honour, shame and virginity in traditional Arab society; male authority, patriarchy and domination. A Palestinian seeks Israeli permission to waive curfew to give his son a fine wedding. Sign up here. The prize horse wanders onto an Israeli minefield. Occasionally, Mr. Khleifi reminds us that young village men are plotting to kill the Israeli wedding guests. Indeed, his children seem to pay little attention to him. It should be pointed out that at the centre of the film is an “orientalist” fantasy of female sensuality. LPA [fr], One clear message is that militant resistance is pointless and counter-productive. The film posits an imaginary situation: Israeli military government in Galilee in 1987. This 10-digit number is your confirmation number. Nazih Akleh, See the article in its original context from. Audience Reviews for Wedding in Galilee Jul 17, 2015 In " Wedding in Galilee," Mukhtar (Mohamad Ali El Akili) would like nothing more than to throw his son (Nazih Akleh) a wedding … Through a variety of subplots and set mostly over a single eventful day and night, “Wedding in Galilee” serves as an excellent allegory of the entire Israeli/Arab situation. This is not only degrading to women but will cause insuperable difficulties in the distribution of the film in the Arab World. The military governor agrees, on condition that the cere­mony is concluded within 24 hours and that he and his officers are invited to attend. The village women ritually bathe and dress the bride, who will ride a blue-black horse through winding streets that look preserved from biblical times. The film’s climax centres around the impotence of the bridegroom, which is attributed to his oppression by his authoritarian father, the Mukhtar, and, to a lesser extent, to the presence of the military governor at the wedding. Review: New Directors/New Films; 'Wedding in Galilee,' Palestinian Village Tensions.

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