One website is and if you use their tools you should enter your coordinates and not just your zip code or street address. It is obviously important to know which way any antenna will have its direction of maximum gain. This enables the antenna to be orientated to obtain the strongest signal. There is a good selection, both for Android and also for Apple iOS. Pointing the TV antenna properly should not be neglected. Antenna baluns     Normally if you are moving to the roof or attic you will select a different type of antenna than you would for at your television and then wire your home so you can use that single antenna to feed your entire home. Direction. Ground wave     Pointing Your Antenna. >, Free and accurate TV antenna recommendation >, "Helping America Watch Free TV Since 1988". Simply stating that an antenna is HD TV Ready is not enough. In this way it is best to ensure that all options are taken to get the best signal and picture quality. I would invest in an antenna that is specifically built to get Low VHF signals from 54mhz and up. Incorrectly aligned and pointing in the wrong direction, the antenna will perform poorly. This can then be aligned with the direction of the television transmitter. This is a real problem and seasonal changes should be expected. Attic installation     The direction of radiation emitted will be perpendicular to the direction you point the antenna. It may sound as if TV antenna alignment would be an easy job. • How To – How Often Should You Clean Your Fireplace. Small adjustments can therefore be difficult to make. Accurate alignment of the TV antenna is essential if the best performance is to be obtained. ▶︎ Check our Supplier Directory, Op Amp Gain: details, formulas, calculations. Pointing the TV antenna properly should not be neglected. Coax cable     ← How To Treat Your Home Effectively For Termites, How To Make The Right Choice On Stain When Resealing Your Deck →, • How To – Sealing Your Gutter Seams to Cure Leaks, • How To – Buying a Garden Shed and knowing your options, • How To – Leaf Blower Buying and Use Guide. It's a great all around antenna and will keep using it for general purpose and as a comparison antenna as it is what I've made most of my contacts on. The arrows in the pictures below indicate the direction the TV antenna receives signal from. With a little intuition it is possible to determine the direction in which the antenna should point. The TV antenna alignment meters provide a basic indication of the strongest signal, but as they are wide band they could pick up other signals and provide a false reading. . Some TV antenna alignment meters are able to accommodate both terrestrial and satellite and are advertised as such. EM waves     More Antenna & Propagation Topics: This antenna alignment or orientation is an key part of any antenna installation. Signals coming via Long Path (LP), which is the longer route to a location around the globe, are coming 180° from the antenna direction of that country, i.e. How to See Which Direction to Point Your Antenna. Whether a professional installer, caravaner, or DIY enthusiast installing a television antenna, it is necessary to be able to accurately align or point the TV antenna to provide the best reception. Ionospheric propagation     Most antennas are uni-directional which means they need to be pointed at the source of the signal (ie. The arrows in the pictures below indicate the direction the TV antenna receives signal from. TV Antenna  EZ-HD TV antenna >Orientation to transmitter, TV Antenna HD Stacker TV antenna >Orientation to transmitter, All Winegard channel 7 and up series TV antennasOrientation to transmitter, Winegard HD 8200U TV antennaOrientation to transmitter, U 2000 UHF TV antenna >Orientation to transmitter, TV antenna test. Antenna height. Incorrectly aligned and pointing in the wrong direction, the antenna will perform poorly. A friend is asking about some reception problems they are having and we thought it would be a good time to go over the best way to install and point your TV antenna. ▶︎ Rohde &Schwarz Focus on Test Zone. Even when two people are available, it is still surprisingly difficult. This antenna alignment or orientation is an key part of any antenna installation. broadcast towers). These TV antenna alignment meters are generally very basic and measure the strength of signal across the whole TV band - they are just a simple analogue RF signal strength meter and typically they give a basic strength indication on a set of LEDs. That is the direction the TV antenna should be orientated when aiming at the TV transmitter. type of antenna mentioned above, depending on your home’s particular location and surroundings. This has a reflector at the back and a series of directors at the front. 2. Meteor scatter     Many people complain about installing an antenna in the fall and then when the trees get leaves on them their reception changes or fades completely. When you get to the point of actually pointing your antenna you should understand the span of degrees that your antenna can pick up reception. 989 875 4902 ...... 9am to 4pm Mon - Fri. EST ...... contact us >, TV Antenna Aiming - Pointing - Orientation. Antenna installation guide     Directional antennas always outperform multi and omnidirectional antennas. To see which direction the TV signal is coming from, click on the stations call letters on the left side of the map. Antenna alignment     This tool will let you do all of the following: List available channels for any location; Adjust the location being analyzed (to fix address lookup errors) Play "what-if" scenarios with different antenna heights; See the direction of each transmitter to help you point your antenna; Overlay coverage maps for each station This enables any interference to be reduced in level at the input to the television. . Even many antennas that say they do High VHF and UHF only perform well if the VHF Signals are very strong and then normally only for stations 11 and up. from the opposite direction. After you have mounted your antenna you want to sight down the long rail of the antenna and point the small dipole collector end towards the towers that you want to receive. If you are pointing WiFi antenna horizontally, waves will be emitted vertically. As signals from these two different types of transmission are on vastly different frequencies, different alignment meters are needed. When you get to the point of actually pointing your antenna you should understand the span of degrees that your antenna can pick up reception. All antennas should give you their degrees of operation that they can pick up signal.. they should also give you the range of signal that they can  pick up. As the television receiver is normally located well away from the antenna it is not easy to move the antenna, and then check the performance. If you are using a Panel antenna, the cable exits the top or bottom of the antenna and the rounded side faces the signal. Double Antenna Router Waveguide     Log periodic antenna     They are only as accurate as the information put in but they are a great aid in helping you find where signals are coming from and how you should point your antenna. Determine which direction the signal seems to be coming from. Most flat antennas only do real channel 14 and above which is UHF. Typically the longer the antenna, the higher the gain and also the narrower the directional pattern. Yagi     Antennas, particularly those used for television reception have a directional pattern and when they are installed they need to be orientated or pointed towards the television transmitter if the best reception is to be obtained. So my first suggestion if you can’t see the transmitter tower is just to look at the houses around you and point your antenna in a similar direction. If you are able to mount your antenna in your attic or on your roof you are always going to get better reception than you will in your home. You will probably need someone helping you or you will be running back and forth a lot. The FCC's Station Finder My Recommended Indoor Antennas I realize there is not cut and dried answer here, but I will try to do what I can to focus on the better direction for 40M DX. Typically they have a list of the television transmitting antennas with their locations and then they use position location and the orientation capabilities of the smartphone to be able to provide the direction or orientation for the various transmitters. Small adjustments can take a long time if only one person is present, moving between the antenna and the receiver. The map will then show the TV transmitter towers with a black line to your location. Vertical antennas     If you are in a single story home you might want to move the antenna to the ceiling of your room or move it to the attic or roof. When thinking of investing in a TV antenna alignment signal strength meter, remember to check whether it is for satellite television antenna alignment, or terrestrial television antenna alignment. Antenna Installation Includes: The antenna also needs to be mounted in the proper location and aimed in the proper direction. That is the direction the TV antenna should be orientated when aiming at the TV transmitter. However with a bit of intuition they can work reasonably well, although the sensitivity is limited. If you are lucky to have that you can read the bars as you adjust the antenna. Most terrestrial antennas are based on the Yagi array. Antennas have a directional pattern or polar diagram.     Return to Antennas & Propagation menu . That means, If your WiFi router antenna position is vertical, it will emit radiation in a horizontal plane. Parabolic reflector antenna     In other words, the arrow points at the TV transmitter. There are several techniques that can be used to align the antenna: Visual alignment:   This is probably one of the simplest methods of aligning the antenna. The next thing you need to know is that you need open line of sight to your broadcast towers. Once you are close you can scan for channels and see if you have done well. For most television antennas they have a marked increase in performance in one direction, and reduced performance in others. It could bounce off buildings, hills and the like. VSWR     These antenna alignment signal strength meters are straightforward and can enable the easy alignment of the antenna actually at the point of the antenna if it is possible to access the cable to connect to the meter. Tropospheric propagation     Use smartphone app:   There are several smartphone apps which help orientate the antenna towards the television transmitter. You may need to adjust your antenna slightly for best reception and some televisions have a bar readout just like your phone. Antennas are normally directive, receiving more signal, or transmitting more signal in one direction than another. Focus on Test from Rohde & Schwarz offers a huge number of informative PDFs, white-papers, webinars videos and general information on many test topics. Discone     Check outEZ HD bi-directional antenna system >When TV signals are in two directions. This makes accurate alignment crucial. Since there is a transition in television station broadcasts there will be a lot more VHF stations in the future. No matter what type of antenna you get the location that you install it and how you point it will have dramatic differences in your reception. Please click on either of the two links shown below, depending on where you live in the USA or MIMO     Ferrite rod     To ensure that the best performance is obtained, it is necessary to align or point the antenna in the right direction.

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