Some types of excluders may have sharp edges that could damage the wings of worker bees resulting in a shorter lifespan. Beehives that are not strong enough to cover a brood box and a honey super are frequently reduced to the brood box only. Remove a couple of frames of honey, pollen or sealed brood from the brood chamber and replace them with foundation or drawn comb. Make sure that you put a new honey super onto a brood box that is full of bees with all of the frames drawn out. Excluders assist with colony management by confining the queen to a specific part of the hive. Queen excluders exploit the size differences between a worker bee and a queen bee. Let’s look at the perceived advantages and disadvantages. Australian beekeepers commonly reduce hives to a brood box and a honey super which is ample for winter survival. Make sure that hatched drones can escape through an upper entrance or they will die in the flow super and clog the queen excluder. The idea behind a queen excluder is that the smaller worker bees can easily pass through the gaps and the larger queen and drone (male) bee cannot. August 21, 2019, What is the Bee Space and why is it important to understand Another smart beekeeper’s trick is to remove a couple of frames of honey or brood from the brood box and replace them with frames of foundation from the new honey super. One round of drone brood shouldn’t make much difference to the performance of the flow frames. I do have a question. The size of the brood portion of the colony varies depending on the time of year and seasonal conditions. Some are adamant that they are honey excluders. They are expensive compared to plastic excluders averaging around $18.00 each. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Beekeepers tend to place a honey super on a single hive when they want to expand. September 11, 2019, What is wax moth and how to protect against them? Typically the dimensions of the gaps in an excluder are between 4.1 millimetres and 4.4 millimetres. Excluders are expensive and can be easily damaged. Hi, I have a mixture of plastic and metal excluders, and I find that they both work equally well. The sit flat on the brood box and don’t sag onto the tops of the frames. I really doubt that it makes the slightest bit of difference in the big scheme of things. Newer Post →, Please note, comments must be approved before they are published, A quick look at Australian native bees The move to the mid-north coast of NSW and particularly the beautiful Orara Valley means that Glenn now has the space to commence beekeeping again. Brood in honey supers means extra care is required when harvesting honey, particularly in commercial operations. Therefore, disease checks can be done much faster as the queen has access to a lesser number of frames over a smaller area of the colony. Excluders have taken many forms since Petro Prokopovych used the first one. Let us know in the comments section below. Beekeepers are generally mild mannered folk until the topic of queen excluders is raised amongst a group of beekeepers! Your email address will not be published. These frames help to draw bees through the excluder mainly if they have brood in them. They can be scraped with a flat blade then heated with a heat gun, steam or boiling water to remove burr comb. Can you think of any more queen excluder pros and cons? Bees are more prevalent on brood combs compared to honeycombs. Queen Excluder: Should You or Shouldn’t You Use One. It seems unnecessary to separate honey from brood by force. The use of a queen excluder is one of the most controversial and hotly debated topics amongst beekeepers. The likelihood of this happening can be minimised by placing an empty (foundationless) frame in the brood chamber and allowing the bees to build their drone comb. You either hate them, or you love them. Required fields are marked *, © 2020 Mt Coramba Apiculture All Rights ReservedADMIN. When left to do things naturally in a tree cavity, the queen is free to lay eggs anywhere she pleases. ← Older Post The queen is easier to find if the colony needs to be re-queened. Some types of excluders, e.g. Workers can fit through the gaps while the queen cannot. The use of an upper entrance above the excluder may be a solution to this perceived problem. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are as essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. Queen excluders are available in different materials. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. They are the most durable and reliable queen excluders on the market. Queen excluders can require regular maintenance as the bees can fill some of the gaps with wax or propolis. Note: If you are placing a queen excluder onto a hive to allow brood in honey supers to hatch,  it takes 21 days for workers to develop and hatch and 24 days for drones so you will need to wait at least 24 days before you can remove frames for extraction. If there is no place left for the queen to lay it increases the chances of the bees swarming. However I find that the metal ones are much easier to clean at the end of the season than the plastic ones. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. Queen excluder gap width can vary between 4.1 and 4.4 mm, Honeybee colonies consist of three types (castes) of bees. The wire frame, plastic or metal sheet is enclosed in a frame to keep its edges safe for bees and handling by the beekeeper. Flow recommend that you use an excluder as well. Hello Duncan, Thanks for reading my article & commenting. The Warwick (QLD) high school agriculture department had a few beehives and beekeeping was taught as a subject. A queen (L) & a drone (R) surrounded by workers. The Bee Store stocks queen excluders in galvanized metal, stainless steel and plastic in 8 frame or 10 frame sizes. When conditions are ideal, the queen can tend to expand her egg laying into supers and frames that were intended for honey storage. My personal choice is to use a queen excluder. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. The below diagram is a “typical” Langstroth beehive setup with 1 or 2 boxes for brood, a queen excluder and then 1 or 2 boxes for honey. September 18, 2019, What is a Queen Excluder? Bees will move through the excluder to cover the brood frames and start working the new frames. This allows the bees to cluster tightly around the honey stores in the top of the hive where they can consume honey and generate heat. Glenn has managed beehives in the Orara Valley since 2009. The edges are smooth, and they are less likely to damage bees as they pass through them. I don’t do swarm control that way so I couldn’t really say one way or the other. Colonies with poorly managed brood chambers will rapidly become congested resulting in swarming. Hi what about galvanized steel versus stainless steel queen excluder? Feeding Bees Sugar Water-A Complete Guide, Bee Smoker: Choosing a Good Bee Hive Smoker, Bee Reproduction: How Honeybees Reproduce, Role of the Queen Bee – Function of a Queen, How to Clean Beeswax: Easy Tips for Success. This post may contain affiliate links. In a typical Langstroth hive configuration, the queen is confined below the queen excluder in one or two brood chambers. What do you think of removing the excluder, when you remove the queen, as part of your swarm control? He is also widely recognised as the inventor of the world’s first movable frame beehive which lead to the eventual development of economical commercial beekeeping practices. Queen excluders – Yes or No? choosing a selection results in a full page refresh. Get an exclusive discount on the biggest innovation in beekeeping for over 150 years. Bees tend to build burr comb on excluders resulting in reduced airflow and overheating in hot weather. The queen excluder you use can also be made using a hardware screen cloth. Do you have questions about Queen excluders? Please contact us for bulk pricing. Some beekeepers swear by them and other declare them unnatural and not required. Use the link below to get 10% off Flow Hives, Supers & Flow Frames. Dead drones will clog the excluder if they are not removed regularly or provided with an alternative entrance. The main use for a queen excluder is to keep the queen from laying eggs in the honey supers. The owner of Mt. At times workers may have difficulty squeezing through excluders. Thanks Glenn Locke. There is no need to clean Flow frames that have had a round of brood through them. Beekeepers need to weigh up the advantages and disadvantages of plastic vs metal to make a decision. Full Disclosure. Using a queen excluder is not “natural”. Beekeeping forums and beekeeping related Facebook pages are battlegrounds with significant discussion devoted to the subject. Lets take a quick look at some of the pros and cons of queen excluders: No matter what your opinion on queen excluders, there is no doubt they are a useful tool for beekeepers. Brood chambers and honey supers are human inventions and part of modern beekeeping and hive management. Beekeepers that follow a “natural” beekeeping philosophy would not favour using excluders. That’s not how a beehive is organized naturally, but it makes honey harvesting much easier. It’s that simple. The basic premise of all queen excluders is to confine the area of the hive the queen can roam (and lay). Queen excluders are available in different sizes, materials and shapes but are commonly made from plastic and metal. August 14, 2019, Sign up for the latest news, offers and styles, Any Questions? I recently asked the brains trust of the largest Facebook beekeeping site in the world, Beekeeping Techniques for links to peer-reviewed, scientific papers that supported shorter life spans and reduced production and nothing of substance came to light. A queen excluder is a selective barrier inside a beehive that limits the queen’s access to parts of the hive.

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