Monuments like the Columbus Circle in New York City were erected throughout the United States and Latin America extolling him. "[121] According to Las Casas, 50,000 natives perished during this period (although his account has been criticized by modern historians as lacking objectivity and his population estimates are often dismissed). Many of the names he gave to geographical features—particularly islands—are still in use. Simple as that. Announcing our NEW encyclopedia for Kids. He then sailed to Madeira and spent some time there before sailing to the Canary Islands and Cape Verde. John asked Columbus to go to Vale do Paraíso north of Lisbon to meet him. He married Filipa Moniz Perestrelo, daughter of the Porto Santo governor and Portuguese nobleman of Lombard origin Bartolomeu Perestrello. The issues range in value from the 1-cent to the 5-dollar denominations. [201] The punishment for an indigenous person failing to fill their hawk's bell of gold dust every three months was cutting off the hands of those without tokens, letting them bleed to death. [216] The indigenous population was reduced by some 90% overall in the century following Columbus's arrival. An address delivered before the American Catholic Historical Society, "Columbus's Plana landfall: Evidence for the Plana Cays as Columbus's 'San Salvador, "Dental Studies Give Clues About Christopher Columbus's Crew", "Saint Croix | island, United States Virgin Islands", Teeth Of Columbus's Crew Flesh Out Tale Of New World Discovery, Spain and Portugal in the New World, 1492–1700, "The Third Voyage of Christopher Columbus", "Christopher Columbus Voyage on Tripline", "Lost document reveals Columbus as tyrant of the Caribbean", "Christopher Columbus Suffered From a Fatal Form of Arthritis", "DNA verifies Columbus' remains in Spain", "Nuevas aplicaciones en identificación genética", "How Columbus Day Fell Victim to Its Own Success", "The Invention of Christopher Columbus, American Hero", "Bird's-Eye View of the World's Columbian Exposition, Chicago, 1893", "World's Columbian Exposition of 1893 comes alive on computer screens", "Columbus Monuments Pages: Santo Domingo", "The Columbian Exchange: A History of Disease, Food, and Ideas", "Columbian Exchange – The Old World Meets The New World", "Why Do We Celebrate Columbus Day and Not Leif Erikson Day? [101] Among the ruins were the corpses of 11 of the 39 Spaniards who had stayed behind as the first colonists in the New World. To keep Columbus from taking his ideas elsewhere, and perhaps to keep their options open, the Catholic monarchs gave him an allowance, totaling about 14,000 maravedis for the year, or about the annual salary of a sailor. Ask any American schoolchildren and they’ll tell you Columbus’s ships were named Niña, Pinta, and Santa Maria. [130] From 4 to 12 August, they explored the Gulf of Paria, which separates Trinidad from what is now Venezuela, near the delta of the Orinoco. [46][c] No ship in the 15th century could have carried enough food and fresh water for such a long voyage, and the dangers involved in navigating through the uncharted ocean would have been formidable. The columbian exchange. Columbus then sailed more than 100 kilometres (62 miles) eastwards along the northern coast of Hispaniola, establishing a new settlement, which he called La Isabela, in the present-day Dominican Republic.

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