We share with our readers what has been successful for us in our own lives. I've also included bonus recipes and tutorials for you below. Your email address will not be published. clearInterval(F14323_pop_wait); Plus, you can’t abide the thought of having leftovers for breakfast AND lunch (even though I keep nagging you to stop thinking of certain foods as “belonging” to certain times of day).  Not all foods are created equally, so make sure you are buying foods that are Whole 30 compliant before you prepare these tasty lunches! } catch(e){} partnering with Whole Foods Market nationwide, Roasted Brussels Sprouts and Bacon (Keto, Whole30, Air Fryer), Instant Pot (Pressure Cooker) Spaghetti Squash.  You can follow us on @stayfitmom_Krista and @stayfitmom_Tracy on Instagram as we let you into our kitchens! They’re tender and subtly sweet, with a peppery kick that sneaks up on you. Also, for the mayo, did you use pasteurized eggs? function F14323_pop_wait_fn(){ if you liked this lunch, we have another Whole 30 lunch for you.  The green salad I usually just toss with a little olive oil and fresh lemon juice. This is a perfect lunch for any age. Designed & Developed by, 20 + Whole30 Recipes You Can Prepare Ahead, French Dip Sandwiches {Instant Pot or Slow Cooker}. Hi Christy! Enjoy! It doesn’t have to be fancy. These options are perfect for packing and snacking, and they’re wholesome and nomtastic to boot. Everything here looks great! (Well…with the Lazy Devils, you might want to wait until you’re ready to eat before you slather on your toppings. Note: Whole30-compliant ham may be hard to find, but any leftover cooked protein works! F14323_pop_requiredFields.push('F14323_pop_cids'); Some other Whole 30 Recipes you might enjoy: Where did you find compliant salami? The whole30 is quite a commitment, and for me the key to success was creating a variety to eat and prepping ahead. Your next Whole30 has never been so easy (and tasty)! All of these Whole30 lunches can be made ahead and slipped into your lunchbag in the morning. Best of all, they’re perfect for packing!  You probably have dinner all mapped out, but did you consider lunch? F14323_pop_validateFields.push('F14323_pop_Name'); var F14323_pop_wait=setInterval(F14323_pop_wait_fn,100); function F14323_prepPopup(){try{if(feedblitz_full_form!=false){fbz_popup('F14323_pop',3,1,10,1);}if(document.getElementById('F14323_pop_ddcolorpickerbox')){document.getElementById('F14323_pop_ddcolorpickerbox').style.display='none';};clearInterval(F14323_prepPopup_wait);} catch(e){}} Every single one of them is paleo and Whole30 compliant, as well as gluten-free, grain-free, and dairy-free.  Subscribe to Stay Fit Mom for recipes, workouts, and encouragement! Making nutritious choices never tasted so good! Chicken Salad– shredded chicken breast with homemade mayo, grapes, red onion, and slivered almonds. You’ll also find exclusive recipes on my iPhone and iPad app, and in my cookbooks, Nom Nom Paleo: Food for Humans (Andrews McMeel Publishing 2013) and Ready or Not! Turkey Lettuce Wrap – sliced turkey breast, salami, ham, tomatoes, mustard, and homemade mayo, all wrapped up in lettuce. Make a double-batch—you’ll find yourself snacking on them, too. 30 Whole30 Lunch Ideas. F14323_pop_requiredFields.push('F14323_pop_publisherid'); Notify me of follow-up comments by email. A note to my Nomsters: This is one of a series of daily blog posts I’m writing in the month of January 2018 to help those doing a Whole30 to kick off the New Year. Required fields are marked *. Ready to make some grab ’n go Whole30 lunches? Bright collard leaves tucked with tuna are easy to pack and take to the office, in your child’s school lunch… Can’t find any! Head on over to my Recipe Index. F14323_pop_validateFields.push('F14323_pop_PT1'); Who’s doing the Whole 30 this month?! try{ Get the recipe for Curry Turkey Bites here! In all Whole Foods Market stores, you’ll find my personally curated Nom Nom Paleo Picks on the shelves, a rotating menu of ready-to-eat Nom Nom Paleo dishes in the hot bar, and even my famous Magic Mushroom Powder available for sale! These bites are packed with flavor! Thank you for the quick, easy ideas! These meal-prep ideas will help you save time and stick to your meal plan for all 30 days. The Whole30 diet is much easier to follow when you plan your meals ahead of time. I can’t remember what it was called but I found it at Trader Joes. I could’ve sworn that I never put together a roundup of Whole30 and Paleo lunch recipes, as of this morning. Serves 4. I know, I know—you miss your sandwiches, and salads are great, but they’re getting a little boring. It gives you sweet, salty, crunchy and smooth. fbz$('F14323_pop_wait_img').innerHTML=F14323_pop_wait_img; These may look like difficult-to-make deviled eggs, but SURPRISE: They’re not! If you’re not familiar with the Whole 30, make sure to take a look at our post here. I’m always on a mission to learn about new ways of eating healthy and some friends of mine raved about their experience cutting out sugar, alcohol, grains, legumes, soy, and dairy using the Whole 30 method. Whole30 recipes that won't leave you feeling deprived. F14323_pop_requiredFields.push('F14323_pop_email'); It’s lunchtime! var F14323_pop_wait_img=fbz_formMetrics(14323,1); When you make a big meal for dinner, then leftovers are always a great option for lunch but when you need something different, quick or on the go for lunch then these recipes just might be perfect. Where did you find turkey cold cuts that are compliant? That is, unless you want your co-workers to see you eating some super-messy looking eggs.) Best promotion EVER!!! Well, I have just the ticket: You can perk up your noon hour with some of my favorite Whole30 lunches! All Rights Reserved. These easy paleo and Whole30 lunch ideas are perfect for meal prepping at the beginning of the week and reheating each day. If you’re not familiar with the Whole 30, make sure to take a look at our post here. Bunless Burger– A good old fashion beef patty topped with a fried egg, homemade mayo, tomato, onion, jalapeno peppers, and wrapped up in lettuce. My fave part about this program is that it’s based on eating whole foods!  The last thing I want to worry about in the morning before I leave for work is lunch, so I make sure to always have something ready. var F14323_prepPopup_wait=setInterval(F14323_prepPopup,100); 5 FREE lessons to get you started on the macro diet, © 2015 - Solo Pine. (Andrews McMeel Publishing 2017)! var fbz_F14323_pop_logged=false; var F14323_pop_requiredFields=new Array();var F14323_pop_validateFields=new Array(); What’s even better is that you can eat these Whole30 lunch ideas for dinner, too! save recipe go to recipe. Besides, who doesn’t like to eat with their hands? Hi Lauren, Not sure what the Whole30 is, or want info on how to get started? Stay tuned for tomorrow’s Whole30 post, one of my favorite spicy variations of cauliflower rice! Hope this helps!  This is great alone, or wrapped up with some lettuce. var F14323_pop_fieldcol='#000000'; It just has to be Whole30 approved! Let us know if you’ve got any other great lunch ideas! Who’s doing the Whole 30 this month?! Doing Whole30 this month? If you are you can request to join our Stay Fit Mom Whole30 Facebook Group here! And remember: Throughout January 2018, I’m partnering with Whole Foods Market nationwide! Not all foods are created equally, so make sure you are buying foods that are Whole 30 compliant before you prepare these tasty lunches! try{s('F14323_pop');}catch(e){}; We like to stock our pantry with cans of tuna to use in recipes just we did in these tuna salad collard wraps. Paleo recipes and more from New York Times bestselling cookbook author Michelle Tam! Canned tuna fish- prepared with our homemade mayo, chopped apples, and celery over a bed of arugula. Make Curry Turkey Bites, Spicy Tuna Cakes, Egg Foo Young-ish, and Lazy Devils—they’re perfect for packing and snacking! I’ve looked everywhere and can’t find it! If you liked this post you might also like our, and our 20 + Whole30 Recipes You Can Prepare Ahead. Make a plan now so that this 30-day body reset works just as it should. Get the recipe for Spicy Tuna Cakes here! Pile delicious (and Whole30-compliant) toppings on halved hard-cooked eggs, and you’ll have tons of luxe-looking morsels to serve as fancy appetizers or do-it-yourself lunchtime bites. I don’t use pasteurized eggs, it doesn’t make any difference as far as the recipe goes. These savory egg patties are my Whole30 and Paleo-friendly take on Egg Foo Young, a classic Chinese-American dish. Whole 30 No Added Sugar I have the worst memory, that is for sure! Perk up your noon meal with some of my favorite grab ’n go Whole30 lunches!  It can be a little overwhelming to come up with meal ideas at first. } With all the “New Year, New You” energy in the air, I created this Whole 30-inspired lunch. The lunch meat was from Costco. I used them during my 30-Day Paleo Reset and continue to go back to them on nights when I want to eat healthfully but don’t have a lot of time or energy to cook a full-on meal.  I’ve got some quick and simple Whole30 lunch box ideas for you that helped me get through my first Whole 30 Journey. Not sure what the Whole30 is, or want info on how to get started? Looking for more recipe ideas? Chicken sausage- My favorite chicken sausage is the fully cooked varieties. I’m always on a mission to learn about new ways of eating healthy and some friends of mine raved about their experience cutting out sugar, alcohol, grains, legumes, soy, and dairy using the Whole 30 method.

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