Sometimes I make a big pot of soup and 4 loaves of quick bread (that’s how many loaf pans we have!) WF has surprisingly inexpensive organic chickens!! We always look up the weekly specials online and then plan our weekly meals. So I buy lots of fruits and veggies in season and freeze for later, I buy beans and just a little bit of meat, and I cook with olive oil. I feel like I’m not alone in bucking the processed food that is shoved in my face on TV! I think we were on the same wavelength today! definitely not buying the pre-cut, pre-prepped fruits and veggies makes a huge difference! Also, I try to get in and out of the grocery store – just buy the things on my list and go. Required fields are marked *. It is the “over time” value that you are getting. Scroll through the “Recent Posts” to mid December. Some months I do that well and others not so much. .-= Organic and Thrifty, Excellent post! Your family may see this as a wilderness, but it’s not. I’m starting to buy more items from the local farmers’ market. I recently asked a similar question on her Facebook page for dinner party recipes that are vegan (Lenten) and REAL. Thank you! As they graze they trample grass into the soil which helps the soil hold more CO2 instead of it all becoming trapped in the atmosphere. JOIN US! I eat regular meals, I don’t snack at all anymore because I am satisfied, and I have continued to drop weight throughout all of this. The veggies one is a big one- switching to all organic fruit and veggies, and buying whatever looks good (like berries!) Just wish i didnt like cheese so much). I will conclude with this thought: I feed my family of four nourishing, real foods on far less than the federal food stamp allotment for a family my size ($668/month). Whole Foods.”. I always make sure to write a list with meals planned for the week and try to stick to it. I gave in to those cravings and have to say in the last month or so all of those cravings are gone. I also check the sales and coupon sections at Whole Foods to save a bit more. Here are some tips I have learned along the way. .-= RedHead´s last blog post …Anti-ginger Bullies Force Ginger Girl out of School =-. Not only does using meat as an ingredient rather than the whole meal save money, it also helps give variety to each meal. Thank you for listening. If I spend a lot of time browsing, I end up with too many extra “fun” products in my cart! I also try to buy the 365 brand. It helps us use time wisely, use up the food we have in the house, and take advantage of sales. Hollænder P, et al. What I am talking about is keeping things whole and real. They train our taste buds to expect the over-the-top flavor that added salts, fats and carbs bring us while overpowering the good, natural taste that whole foods offer. He eats a good amount and would skip the veggies for double meat if I would let him. .-= Daily Diner, There was something you had said earlier that really stuck with me, I just had to come back. We were about two weeks too late! Price: $1 per pound (in bulk) Oats are high in fiber, low in fat, and, like many whole grains, may even help lower cholesterol. Cant wait for farmers market to start back in march! I get so obsessed with my credit card points/miles though , To save money, I print coupons ahead of time and then buy what it listed on sale. The problem with this mindset is two-fold. Whole Foods also has coupons each month that can help save more money. I know that a lot of folks (including myself for a time) have been or are currently grain-free. It’s such a money saver! (My family and I are also) Full disclosure: one of my favorite reasons to shop at Whole Foods is that I like to indulge in one or two homemade cookies from the bulk bins while I shop! Never go grocery shopping hungry! I did with mine. Whole Foods has an array of natural, organic foods, but the prices aren’t always so appealing. the price is usually reasonable for organic produce, and you don’t have to worry about it going bad….great to stock up on your faves and use them throughout the week/month! Even before cost cutting measures are taken into account, I think there needs to be a paradigm shift. Very informative. When I got your email I realized that I had a lot of the info you wanted scattered in different posts, and that it was time to collect them all into one master post that was easy to refer people to. Besides reducing the overall amount of money spent on meat, vegetarian meals offer health benefits, help create meal variety, and expose our families to introduce us to foods we might not otherwise consider. I heartily agree withe the bulk buying principle. Of course, that is partially because we already had a lot of things stocked (flour, beef from purchasing a whole cow earlier in the year, beans, etc), but primarily because we buy in a bulk buying club and buy directly from farms and then make everything ourselves (forethought intensive, but not really time intensive). Gosh, Im sooo jealous that some of you guys can keep your food budget so tight. & the surprisingly small impact it has had on our budget. Also, you can follow the sales: if carrots are on sale, carrot will be a main feature in our juice that week . Excellent article! We’re just going to start getting raw milk from a cow share (hopefully, it was just shut down because raw milk is illegal here in Vancouver, BC) and it will cost $17.50CAN a gallon. It will get you every time! How to Defrost Meat Quickly Without A Microwave, How to Beat Sugar Cravings with Glutamine, Beautiful Babies: Nutrition for Fertility, Breastfeeding, & A Baby’s First Foods. In a nutshell, we feel buying the best possible beef will bless our bodies most. You will also find thoughts on the Lord, homeschooling, life and herbs. As you can see in the picture above, the sale on this Stonyfield organic Greek yogurt makes it even cheaper than the non-organic store-brand option. To eat well, you must prioritize and that means prioritize outside your grocery list. You should try to get it published in some traditional housekeeping mags for those families that may not be reading blogs but could really use this type of information. We remove the shell and that blesses our bodies. It’s great that you don’t buy any packaged foods. Only two dairies produce it “legally” so they have the market cornered at about three times the price for organic milk. Honestly, a grocery list is the best thing to do before setting foot in store. Very dangerous! This is one way that I think WF can be a little deceptive, especially for people who don’t have time to read each sign closely. I have spent hours and hours pricing, researching, budgeting cheap meals with the meat NOT used as the main portion for my family of 4..We only buy the cheapest cuts of grass fed beef. Great post. My husband and I eat alot, and I mean alot of protein which we get from pastured milk, eggs, beef and chicken. You don’t even have to advertise them as Lenten! I usually intermingle wild shrimp, tilapia and tuna. Look for signs and integrate what’s on sale into your meals and snacks for the week, which will save you a tremendous amount of money. I’m Amelia, a nutritionist, chef and mom who believes healthy eating should be simple and enjoyable, not stressful or overwhelming. That doesn’t mean that grains are not whole foods or real foods. I pray in general about getting my finances right, but I haven’t prayed right before or after doing my budget. Those “small” purchases add up to create an unnecessary dent in your food budget (And overall budget, and the money for unplanned purchases have to come from somewhere else in your budget,) and it creates the foundation of forming a bad habit. I haven’t been able to the switch yet. I’m in the process of making the switch. He chooses to eat the way he wants. Awesome advice of thinking through the whole month and dividing out the meals.

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