Grand-sounding impressive, majestic and/or epic. A heterophonic texture is rare in Western music. A single bagpipes or accordion player playing a melody with drones or chords. This information should not be considered complete, up to date, and is not intended to be used in place of a visit, consultation, or advice of a legal, medical, or any other professional. Chorus sing in a choir or the chorus; a group of singers and/or dancers; a catchy part of song or hymn recurring more than one time in the song. Cheerful having life or vigor or spirit; uplifting; cheery; contented; happy; joyful; lively; animated. Tonal. Much Baroque music is contrapuntal, particularly the works of J.S. Johann Sebastian Bachu2014Partita No. Some Middle Eastern, South Asian, central Eurasian, and Native American music traditions include heterophony. 9 years ago. In 2012, Gangnam Style, by the Korean artist Psy, became one of the biggest worldwide hit songs of all time. Uplifting emotionally, morally or spiritually elevating; inspiring hope or happiness. To take it a little further than saying music is either happy or sad, try to express yourself … A hit is a song that sells many copies, and the latest hits are listed every week on the charts. Avant-garde radically original or new; daring; modern; any group of people who invent or promote new concepts or techniques (especially in the arts). What are some general adjectives that describe pop music? They usually have a chorus that's repeated several times and two or more verses. Choral performed or written for performance by a chorus or choir; of or pertaining to a chorus or choir. Timeless. Today, it is rare for a hit song to climb charts without an accompanying music video. Intricate elaborate; having a great deal of complexity and fine detail. Soulful. Strong. Read about our approach to external linking. Song. Polyphonic music can also be called polyphony, counterpoint, or contrapuntal music. TRY pop music IN A SENTENCE BELOW. boy band (noun): a group of three or more boys or young men who sing and dance - My little sister loves that Korean boy band Super Junior. Call to announce or say with clear and carrying voice; to give the signals or orders; a series of directions rhythmically called out to square dancers. At any particular point in time, it may be most straightforward to identify pop music as that which is successful on the pop music charts. For the past 50 years, the most successful musical styles on the pop charts have continually changed and evolved. Listen for the cello performing a single melody in Bach’s Cello Suites. Improvised performed or created spontaneously or without preparation; created, done, made or performed using what is available; makeshift. dance-pop (noun): up-tempo pop music with a dance rhythm - Her dance-pop singles always become hits. Definition (OED): Excitedly energetic or uninhibited, often in a sexual manner; to get jiggy: to engage in sexual activity. Verse to familiarize by experience or study; to educate or teach about; put into or compose verses; a piece of poetry (especially in which the lines do not end in rhymes); the work or art of a poet. Funky having a strong and uplifting dance rhythm; cool, stylish and modern in a striking or unconventional way. Breath the ability, act or process of breathing; the air that is inhaled and/or exhaled; spirit or vitality; life or life force (archaic); a small amount of something (for example wind); a hint, sign or suggestion; a slight or delicate movement of air. One of the most consistent elements of pop music since the 1950's is the pop song. so to answer your question, i would describe indie music like this - indie music is music from a band that has not been signed or is on a independent record label. hip hop (also "hip hop") (noun): a musical genre in which artists rap over beats and sampled sounds - I love Kanye West's hip hop albums. rapper (noun): an artist who performs raps over a hip hop beat - My daughter wants to be a rapper when she grows up. Groovy wonderful; marvelous; very pleasing; cool; neat; interesting; very chic; very good. Aria a song or air (especially musical piece written for a solo voice with instrumental accompaniment); a melody or tune. [WATCH] Destiny's Dad perform Bootylicious. What are synonyms for pop music? Minor  based on a minor scale; a minor interval, key or scale (in music). Originally created as a kind of underground language for street hustlers, akin to pig latin, Snoop picked it up and made it his own, introducing himself in the song Suited N Booted as "the big Snoopy D-O-double-jizzle". The definition of pop music is deliberately flexible. Sweet-sounding. Definition (Cambridge Dictionary): An act of intentionally dropping a microphone after you have given a speech or performance, as a way of making an impressive ending. This music, usually called pure pop or power pop, typically consists of relatively brief (not over 3 1/2 minutes) songs played on the standard electric guitar, bass and drums with vocals that have a very strong catchy chorus, or hook. gospel music (noun): rhythmic church music of African American Christians - They sang great gospel music in those old churches. Synonyms for pop music. Musical melodious; pleasing to the ear; a show, film or performance which involves music. Lofty exalted or elevated in character; pompous; affecting grandness; high; displaying or having great nobility or dignity. This features the line "one lives but once in the world", a phrase which lends itself to the less-thrilling alternative acronym OLBOW. album (noun): a collection of songs released as a digital download or a 12-inch LP record - Do you have Michael Jackson's album Thriller? In musical terms, particularly in the fields of music history and music analysis, some common terms for different types of texture are: We will focus on monophony, polyphony, and homophony in this course. hit (noun): a best-selling song on the pop-music charts - It's a great song.It'll be a hit for sure. Hit a popular or successful thing or venture (especially a song or film). I agree with Mallory. - people have wrung their hands and despaired over the terrible damage musical slang must be doing to the English language. The Knack's #1 smash hit My Sharona is often considered the biggest power pop chart hit. Or, in the case of Horrible Histories, as a neat way to encapsulate the temperamental differences between Oliver Cromwell and Charles II. 21, Andante (Elvira Madigan). Clear easy to perceive, understand, or interpret; bright; complete; full. romantic. Most music for large instrumental groups such as bands or orchestras is contrapuntal at least some of the time. Accompaniment music or musical part which partners or supports a group, instrument, voice or work of art; something that complements, embellishes or supplements something else. Canorous musical; richly melodious; resonant; tuneful. The first recorded modern use of the word "twerk" appears in a song called Do the Jubilee All by DJ Jubilee from 1993, but it's a word with a longer heritage than may first appear. So effective, in fact, that it's been used as a humorous rhetorical tool by everyone from the President of the United States to Alex Turner at the 2014 Brit Awards to Prince Harry (as seen in the comedy sketch made to publicise the Invictus Games, above). It is sometimes called monody, although the term “monody” can also refer to a particular type of solo song (with instrumental accompaniment) that was very popular in the 1600s. Lv 5. Explosive a dramatic and sudden start, increase or growth. Western-style pop music is a primary reference point for the development of enormous pop music markets in Korea and Japan. Texture is often described in regard to the density, or thickness, and range, or width, between lowest and highest pitches, in relative terms as well as more specifically distinguished according to the number of voices, or parts, and the relationship between these voices. Not all hit singles are produced by pop artists. Swing. Canticle a hymn, chant or song (especially derived from the Bible). Lyrical having an artistically expressive or beautiful quality; melodious; highly enthusiastic; rhapsodic; lyric. It'll be a hit for sure. Bass having a low or deep tone n. an instrument that plays low spectrum sound tones; a deep sound or tone. Johnny Depp. In the past decade, Latin music and other international forms including reggae have played a more prominent role in pop music than in the past. Symphony. Atonal. MUSIC WORDS THAT START WITH S. Session. The code for attribution links is required. Diss is one of those slang terms that came out of hip hop's early years and now feels like an exceptionally useful item of linguistic furniture. Tight. Diss songs or diss tracks (like the spoof Kanye diss track created for Charlie Sloth's show, above) are a key part of both hip hop and grime, with rappers flexing their lyrical muscles at the expense of a rival. Here are definitions and examples of … There have been notable exceptions. The most commonly cited reference is from a 1995 article in their magazine Grand Royal, but a year earlier, their 1994 song Mullet Head mercilessly mocked those afflicted with that style, yelling, "You're coming off like you're Van Damme / You've got Kenny G, in your Trans Am / You've got names like Billy Ray / Now you sing Hip Hop Hooray. Melody a pleasing or agreeable arrangement or succession of sounds; a poem suitable for setting to singing or music. Since 1955 the music that appeals to the broadest audience, or pop music, has been dominated by sounds that are still rooted in the fundamental elements of rock 'n roll. In fact, the number of times a music video is viewed is counted as another indicator of the popularity of a song when its national ranking is determined. However, in many cases, if the song is abnormally long, an edited version is released for radio airplay such as in the case of Don McLean's American Pie. Breathy. Major recording artists like the Beatles and Bob Dylan created film clips to accompany their songs in the 1960s. Air of or pertaining to the transmission or broadcast of television or radio signal; to or to be broadcast on radio or television; a short melodious song or tune (especially in the tenor or soprano range); a music solo without or with accompaniment. Chorale a harmonized hymn (especially one for organ); a choir or chorus. Fusion a style of music that combines or blends different music genres (especially jazz and rock).

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