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Museum visit


I had a chance to visit a private museum owned by Louis Hanneberry. It was a short drive from West Pennant, Nova Scotia. The museum was eclectic to say the least: sword fish bills turned into swords, mounted twin tuna tails, various shark jaws hung on the walls and this, stuffed leatherback turtle was among the many things that caught Louis’ fancy.

The prehistoric leatherback is threatened with extinction. In the Caribbean, tourist development encroaches on the beaches where they lay their eggs. These great, gentle sea-going beasts make their way north and come in around Lunenburg before making their way into the Saint Lawrence. Along the way they gobble enough jelly fish to put on 40% of their weight. In the process, they are victimized by the great number of plastic bags they mistake for jelly fish. These plastic bags get clogged in their digestive systems and kill them.

In The Dead Man’s Boot, the sequel to The Phantom’s Gold, Will and Harley decide to try to help the leatherbacks stave off encroachment by an energy company. In the process, Will is falsely accused of murder.