What people are saying about The Bermuda Shipwreck


The Bermuda Shipwreck …  a great read , as it combines good historical backdrops with modern suspense and adventure
Dr. Edward Harris, National Museum of Bermuda

This is a rollicking great yarn that blends exciting action with fascinating accounts of history past and present.
– Paul McLaughlin, Professor of Professional Writing, York University.

What people are saying about The Dead Man’s Boot






“A Maritime adventure packed with tension, courage, and mystery. Absolutely compelling.”
– Lisa Turner, Edgar finalist for “The Gone Dead Train-A Mystery”

“In The Dead Man’s Boot, Will and 17-year-old Harley are confronted with acomplex mystery that involves shipwrecks, sonic booms, and a blackguard called Bowmanville Jack Morash. Will’s mentor is his wise great grandfather whoappears only at night aboard his ghost ship.The settings are authentic and vividly drawn. As a bonus, the author interweaves maritime history and the craft of sailing throughout. We experience tension, sadness, friendship, and courage-all building to a whirlwind finish.”
-Rob Sangster, author, most recent novels: GROUND TRUTH and DEEP TIME (suspense/thrillers)

“A fabulous read. It’s got everything, ecology, mythology, murder, suspense – the whole deal. And yet a lot of learning for the reader.”
– Greg Roe, Haliburton County Reads, Canoe FM Radio

“From the white-knuckle opening on the storm lashed sea, Eric Murphy’s second book in the series, sails ahead with ship wreckers, baseball, the sleek ghost ship, an undiscovered artist, murder, and more mysterious adventures in a story which courses through the intricate passages (or waters) of families, loyalty, secrets, and trust; where Will and Harley must navigate with the compass of their ideals to bring them home.”
– John Nelles, Actor

“A wonderful read. Great suspense. Love the intrigue, the description, all the local info – everything!”
– Barabara Fullerton, Teacher/Administrator (rtd) Warwick Academy, Bermuda, Therapeutic Riding Volunteer.

“The Dead Man’s Boot is the action-packed continuation of a griping Maritime tale. As a school principal I see a lot of material in both books for teachers to use in the classroom.”
– Gary Boulton, Principal (rtd) TDSB

What people are saying about The Phantom’s Gold

TPG_SMALL“William’s life is turned upside down when his father dies in an accident and his mother attempts to move on. He runs away to his grandparents in Nova Scotia, only to find that they, too, are dealing with the death of their beloved son. This is the set-up for a fascinating novel of family and life on the sea, of history and ghosts and mending broken ties. Murphy’s characters exude the love of the sea that tradition might demand, but that is nonetheless very real to those who live a seafaring life.

William grows into his nautical heritage at the same time as he solves a family mystery: the location of the lost fortune of his ancestor, the “Real McCoy.” Murphy’s McCoy is entirely fictional, but intertwined with the legend of William “Bill” McCoy, the American rum-runner. This connection between fictional and real characters is artfully constructed: readers learn not only about sailing, but also a bit about 1920’s history. There is so much right about this novel – seamanship, history, narrative – that I would highly recommend it to any young readers, regardless of gender or usual interests.”
– Karyn Huenemann, Resource Links Magazine

“William’s sense of what he needs to do in order to come to terms with his
father’s death is spot on, and his determination to help his grandparents work through their own issues is admirable. As well, avid sailors will relish the play-by-play descriptions of navigating the Atlantic waters around Nova Scotia.”
– CM Magazine, Recommended Review

“What grabbed me was the use of language. Africkville, Bluenose, Mark Twain, boys and girls should read this book absolutely. ”
– Greg Roe, Haliburton County Reads, Canoe Radio

New and Noted
– Quill & Quire

“I finished the book a couple subway rides ago and enjoyed it a lot.
Between home and Lunenburg, reality and fantasy – a lot of balls in the air. The
prohibition pirate is a cool idea. That opening scene is a grabber all right.”
– Richard Scrimger, award-winning author of “Ink Me.”

“A fine, fine book for children of all ages.”
– Paul Kellogg, Bluenose Opera House Radio Network

“Perfect for pulling in readers because it’s so action filled.”
– Amanda Wilks, Halliburton County Reads, Canoe Radio

“I am thoroughly enjoying the story – it is wonderful. Especially like the info fact at the start of each chapter. The relationships in TPG are so real and the
historical background blended with a touch of adventure and mystery are a
delight! Think this would make a lovely addition to any literature course.”
– Barbara Fullerton, Teacher/Administrator (rtd) Warwick Academy, Bermuda