The Phantom’s Gold is the story of a grandfather and grandson who must race a haunted sailboat to save their home and the family business- from a real estate lawyer.

A year after his father’s death, Will is thirteen and living with his mother in Toronto.  He’s being bullied by his schoolmates because of his fear of water, his mom has a new man in her life who’s a fake, and now his mother wants to sell the house.  So Will runs away to his grandparents in Lunenburg to find a better life.

When he gets there, he discovers that his father’s death also devastated his grandparents who are on the verge of losing the family home and their sail making business. Exhausted by the turmoil, Will falls asleep aboard a hidden schooner and dreams that he and his great grandfather, William ‘The Real’ McCoy, outrun the coast guard just like McCoy did in his rum running days in the 1920s.

When Coast Guard officials search for the schooner that escaped, Will realizes his dream was real.  Will discovers McCoy converted his loot into gold worth a million dollars and then hid it. But the ghost will only reveal where he stashed the gold to Will’s grandfather.

Will faced his fear of water and lures his grandfather into the annual boat race only to find the lawyer has resorted to sabotage.  They put everything on the line and discover there’s a lot more to win than just a boat race.

The Phantom’s Gold is a story of ghosts, gold, unsolved murder and healing.  It explores issues of loss, anger management and shows how love’s reach extends beyond the grave.