About Eric

I got my MA in Political Science at Laval University in Québec City.

I held an number of jobs to put myself through school (BA at St. Pat’s College), including forklift operator, truck driver, janitor, construction worker both on bridges in the Ottawa region and in Churchill Manitoba which allowed time to enjoy beluga whales and polar bears. I also worked as bilingual MC for CBC/Radio Canada, PR Officer for Employment and Immigration as well as a research assistant in the department of economics at Laval.

I went on to complete my MA in Political Science at Laval in Québec, doing my thesis research in Paris, Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, then came back to Québec and wrote the thesis in six and a half weeks – fear is a powerful motivator.

Because of studies and work, I have been fortunate enough to live in New York, London, Paris and Montreal. My family and I now call Toronto home. I bike year-round, take our dog for long walks and sail wherever and whenever I can. Because I do field research for all of my writing, I’ve been fortunate enough to travel around the world and many other parts (LOL).

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Eric's commitment to literacy

I have long believed that we can't be the author of our own destiny if we can't read and write. That's why I got involved with the Regent Park Reads literacy project. Click on the video to watch.

If you think education's expensive, wait till they give us the bill for ignorance. Democracies can't afford the economic and social cost of an illiterate society. Click on the video to watch.

BLOWBACK is the winner 2021 Write Start Competition
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