Written by Eric Murphy

When a disgraced US journalist, on assignment in Moscow, witnesses a bombing in a crowded market and tries to write a redemptive exposé, he teams up with a former British commando to escape the Albanian hit squad determined to silence him.

Readers' comments

Austin Film Festival

This is an incredibly visual thriller. I was hooked right in.

We Screenplay

For a cerebral, as well as an adrenaline-filled ride, this is the perfect film.

Blue Cat

These scenes are shocking, tense, and genuinely thrilling and do a great job of re-upping your audience’s investment in your narrative. An undeniably strong ear for dialogue.

Stage 32

This film would do great in theaters but especially on streaming platforms, since its message is intended to inform as well as entertain.

International Screenwriters’ Association

These high-tech spy vs terrorist style movies are always in demand because they easily appeal to a general audience. The script ends on a note that suggests a potential franchise. It’s a good idea.

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