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Bermuda Railway Trail

From 1931 to 1947 Bermuda was served by some 22 miles of railway. Now that railway trail is used to walk, jog, cycle and ride whenever someone wants to get some exercise and not deal with the cars that are crowd the narrow roads which were wide enough for horse and carriage. Mark Twain and one US President lent their support to the anti-car movement that kept cars at bay for decades. Now, visitors are limited to cabs, bicycles and very small scooters. I tend to favour the bicycle along the roads when going to appointments and jog on the railway trail when I need to get exercise. I love this picture because it allows me to see my characters galloping along here to get away from the bad guys. At one point, Will uses the tree roots as a ready ladder to climb up and escape the bad guys’ pit bull. IMG_3020

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